Hello Bates Families,

Are you looking for ideas of how to support your child’s math learning over the summer? Here are possibilities:

Play games!

A powerful way of promoting excitement around math and developing math ideas is through playing games. There are many commercial games out there to explore. Rush Hour, Blokus, and Mancala are just a few examples. Check out Commercial Games that Use Mathematics for more. You might find that you have some of these game in your own home!

Check out the WPS Website

Visit the Parent & Family Resource page on the Wellesley Public School’s website. If you scroll down and click on “For games, activities, challenges”, you will find many great resources.

Make time for DreamBox (Current Bates Families)

EXCITING NEWS… our current K-5 students can continue to use DreamBox over the summer. Thank you, Bates PTO, for providing us with this resource!

If you already set-up DreamBox on an ipad at home, please update your app. Click here for more information. If you do not know your child’s DreamBox account, please contact your child’s teacher before the last day of school.

Other DreamBox resources:

How to Access DreamBox at Home.(download)

How to Support Your Child on DreamBox Gr. K-2

How to Support Your Child on DreamBox Gr. 3-5

Read books that involve math!

Books are another great way of incorporating math into your child’s day. Here are some book recommendations:

NAEYC recommendations

The Reading Nook (find titles by math topic)

Goodreads: Top Rated Educational Math Books

Investigations – Books that complement Investigations curriculum (by grade-level)

Great option for summer math course and book for parents!

There is a great option for a math course this summer from Stanford’s Professor of Math Education, Jo Boaler:

Take a moment to click on the link above to learn more about the course.

If you are interested in taking the Boaler course, the cost is $125/person. If you register with 5-29 people, the cost is $99/person. Perhaps there are several Bates parents that are interested in this course.

I’ve taken Jo Boaler’s summer course. It is a fantastic experience to understand the impact of mindset on math learning for our students. Don’t be wary of the online component. Their pacing is very reasonable and they do a great job during the first week of the course to orient you towards being an online learner.

If you would like to access resources and articles for parents from Boaler’s website go to Youcubed/parents.

In addition, Boaler’s book What’s Math Got to Do With It is an inspiring resource based on the latest research on math learning. It offers a critical read on how to improve math learning for all students

Lastly, find ways to work math into your everyday conversations- when you’re cooking, shopping, building, reading, etc.​​​​​​​

Enjoy summer!

Jany Finkielsztein

Instructional Math Coach

Bates School

Math Resources for Summer
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