Dear Bates,

After a very busy final few weeks, we’ve made it to our last full school day of the year.  As a reminder, our final ½ day of school is on Tuesday, June 21.  Please join us for the Fifth Grade Clap Out on Tuesday at 11:58.  

Staffing Next Year

We conclude this school year by saying goodbye to a few Bates educators.  Kindergarten teacher Amy Kapinos is retiring after 22 years of teaching at Bates.  In addition, after 15 years teaching at Bates third grade teacher Heather Macchi will take on a new role as a district math specialist.  Kindergarten teacher Annie Bresnahan, art teacher Addi Catarina and Spanish teacher Robyn Long-Navas will be teaching in other schools next year.  We are so fortunate to have worked alongside all these educators and wish them all the best in their next chapters.  

Below are the Bates grade level teacher assignments for next year:

Kindergarten: Rita Cameron, Katie Catalano

Grade 1: Franny Jacobson, Laura Kelley, Jess Mead

Grade 2: Nicole Melanson, Pam Rosenbloom

Grade 3: Katy Comstock, Kaitlyn Murray

Grade 4: Mara Hochberg, Molly Perkins, Ellen Theriault

Grade 5: Irene Gruenfeld, Erica Ilyin

Summer Learning

We hope that students enjoy many different kinds of learning experiences this summer.  For those excited to engage in reading, math, science and Spanish learning opportunities, please explore the Wellesley Public Schools  Summer Learning website.  You can also find the link on the Wellesley Public Schools website.  Enjoy!

Final Report Card

The final report card is available for viewing starting at 12:00 on Tuesday, June 21 in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Please refer to the June 14 email from Sandra Trach, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, for more information.  Please call the Bates office if you have any questions.

Thank you for sharing your very special children with us this year.  I wish you all a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.  



Bates Buzz 6.17.22
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