Dear HunneBates,

Thank you to the families who joined us for the Day of Play on Wednesday.  Our volunteers helped to make the day a success for our students.  We embrace this day not only for the fun but also for the unique learning opportunities it affords.  Students imagine, plan, create, collaborate, re-create and problem solve over and over again.  They then have the opportunity to present their creations to others and receive feedback.  While we call it the Day of Play, we also know it’s important, challenging work for students.  Thank you to the volunteers and our amazing custodians who helped clean up and make our school spotless once again.  

Report Cards Ready at 3 pm

Families will find the first term report card in the PowerSchool Parent Portal after 3 pm today.  Please log into PowerSchool as soon as possible to learn how your child is progressing toward the end of year standards.  Families of students in grades K-3 will also be able to access their child’s winter early literacy DIBELS report in PowerSchool.  This report will resemble the report received at fall parent teacher conferences, with the addition of winter results.  

Arrive on time for school

Finally, please help us start our school days strong by arriving on time for school.  Students require at least five minutes to put materials away and organize for the day.  Students who arrive by 8:25 are able to complete morning routines alongside their peers and with the support and attention of their teacher.  This helps students start their day feeling prepared and helps develop important executive function skills.  Those who arrive after 8:25 miss this important opportunity.  Thank you for helping our HunneBates community by making an on time arrival a priority.

Have a nice weekend.

Warm regards,


Bates Buzz 1.26.24
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