Presentation Goals

Share key updates from the Educator Evaluation Working Group:

  • Changes to Memorandum
  • Review of Evaluation Cycles
  • Updates on Surveys
  • Updates to Common Assessments

Working Group (WG) Responsibilities

  • Established to annually review the educator evaluation processes and procedures
  • Reviews common assessments as they relate to the educator evaluation process
  • Makes recommendations about Educator Evaluation student and staff surveys

WG Members SY 2017-2018

Karen Archambault, Instructional Data Coordinator
Sanford Bogage, WTA President, MS Math Teacher
Thom Carter, K-12 Visual Arts Director
Charlene Cook, Principal – Hardy School
Linda Corridan, Director of Nursing
Kathy Dooley, Director of Technology
Tim Eagan, 6-12 World Languages Dept. Head
Jany Finkielsztein, Math Coach
John Finneron, HS English Dept. Head
Heather Haskell, Hunnewell – 5th Grade Teacher
Laura Kelly – 1st Grade Teacher
Deb Levine, High School Special Education Dept. Head
Gayle McCracken, Director of Human Resources
Kate Morton, MS Science Dept. Head
Julie Verret, Fiske Music Teacher

Changes to the Memorandum of Agreement

  • Elimination of district determined measures (DDMs).
  • In school year 2017-2018, elimination of a separate Impact on Student Learning Rating.
  • Common Assessment results will be a data source integrated into Standard II: Teaching all Students.
  • The educator and evaluator will discuss the anticipated student learning outcomes as part of the educator’s plan.
  • The Professional Practice and Student Learning Goals can be revised and/or updated during the second year of a professional status teacher’s cycle.

Common Assessments (CA)

Who is required to utilize common assessments?

Direct Instruction Educators Only

Content Areas:

Math, English, Science , Social Studies, Languages (CML), ESL Teachers, Family Consumer Science, Performing Arts, Fitness and Health, Visual Arts,

Each educator must have two common assessment measures.

Common Assessments (CA)

Who is not required to utilize common assessments?

Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Occupational & Physical Therapist, Psychologists, Librarians, Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, Speech Language Pathologists, and Special Educators, Technology

Student Surveys

DESE Requirement for direct instruction educators teaching grades 3 – 12 to:

  • Inform teacher practice
  • Administered April 1st through June 15th
  • Results are for teacher use only
  • Use MA DESE Survey (Google Forms)
  • Teachers can add additional questions to the DESE survey

Staff Surveys

DESE Requirement for Evaluators to:

  • Inform administrator practice
  • Administered April 1st through June 15th
  • Results are for evaluator use only
  • Used MA DESE survey questions
  • New administration method – Survey Monkey to ensure anonymity

Student & Staff Surveys

New Adjustments for SY 17-18

  • Evaluator surveys administered through survey monkey
  • Ensure there are “not applicable” categories
  • Work with Admin Council how/if/when to administer a TELL-like survey


  • All Standards = Proficient or Exemplary
    • 2 year self directed growth plan
  • Standards 1&2 = Proficient or Exemplary
    • Evaluator uses professional judgement to determine the plan: Directed Growth Plan or Self Directed plan.
  • Standards 3 or 4 needs improvement & significant progress toward goals
    • Evaluator uses professional judgement to determine the plan: Directed Growth Plan or Self Directed plan.
  • Standards 1 or 2 = Needs Improvement
    • Directed Growth Plan
  • Standards 3 and 4 proficient, exceeded goals
    • Directed Growth Plan

Standard II: Teaching All Students


  • Quality of Effort and Work
  • Meeting Diverse Needs
  • Collaborative Learning Environment
  • Respects Differences
  • Clear Expectations
  • Access to Knowledge
  • Student Engagement
  • Safe Learning Environment
  • Student Motivation
  • Respectful Environment
  • High Expectations
  • Common Assessments

Common Assessments are a data source to inform success on Standard II.

Common Assessments (CA)

How will common assessments be utilized in the educator’s evaluation?

  • Evaluator and Educator will review the common assessments. Per DESE, SGP will be used (where appropriate).
  • Setting clear expectations for anticipated student learning prior to teaching.
  • Evaluator will use professional judgment to consider contextual factors and multiple sources of evidence.
  • Help to inform but not the sole driver of standard II’s rating.

Common Assessments (CA)

Working Group Tasks for SY17-18

Collect, review, and approve Common Assessments from all required disciplines to:

  • ensure consistency across the district
  • review “at least expected” student learning information submitted by Department Heads/Directors

Questions about Common Assessments?

  • Check with your evaluator
  • Visit and review the uploaded documents under Supervision & Evaluation
  • Evaluators will explain the “at least expected” measure of for common assessments.

The Self Reflection Evaluation Process

  • Job Description Rubric
  • Self Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Data Analysis (CA)
  • Student Surveys
  • Repeat Process


Working Group Updates Presentation March 2018 (PDF)

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