2018-19 Pay Schedules:

Due to various browsers used throughout the district, the timesheets that were emailed have lost or changed formatting. Please use this Excel document and replace any former versions you saved prior via your particular browser.


  • Download the appropriate excel document and save to your desktop.
  • You can populate the name field and save so that field will always be filled out when you start a new sheet.
  • Each week, change the “Week Ending” date and the dates in each column will populate automatically.
  • If any changes from the prior week, delete hours and enter new hours for the current week. Otherwise you may leave the prior hours and move to printing.
  • Print, manually sign, and turn in to your supervisor. Do not send electronically to supervisor, payroll, etc.

Standard Excel Timesheet .xls (for TAs and PARAs)

Secretary Excel Timesheet .xlsx (for secretaries)

Substitute Excel Timesheet .xlsx (for substitutes)

Support Staff Sub Excel Timesheet .xlsx (for support staff substitutes)

If you require additional assistance please contact Heidi Perkins or your building tech specialist.

Heidi Perkins
Director of Budget and Finance
Wellesley Public Schools
781-446-6210   x5615