Weekly Message from Terry Weksel, your P.A.W.S. School Psychologist


Dear Families:

I hope you had the opportunity to take a look at last week’s short video message about responding to your children with active and empathetic listening.  If this idea feels new to you, don’t worry about saying the wrong thing! With children, there is always another opportunity to practice a new tool! If you found that something has been particularly successful, I’d love to hear about it.  And if you came upon some obstacles, I’m eager to hear those as well. Unpacking the situation can be very helpful to try the skill in other ways for greater success.


Here is a new tip for the week:  

Emotional Well-Being

The “horse may have already left the barn” regarding talking to your young children about COVID-19.   Your children are looking to you as a model for how they should think, act, and feel right now. This two-minute video highlights that when you give a sense of calm and reassurance, children will feel calm and reassured too.  This is a strategy you will be able to use in many other situations besides the current one.


Also, be sure to check out the script from a previous email for why people are wearing masks, should that topic come up.


Stay well! 



P.A.W.S. Early Childhood School Psychologist

Tip of the Week #2 From PAWS School Psychologist
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