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I hope you are all doing well and enjoying our great virtual program so far! Some of you may know that the traditional spring clean-up did not occur last May because of the circumstances related to Covid-19.

In preparation for the students coming back to school on October 1st, we’d like to clean up the yard and make it as enjoyable as possible for those who are returning. With this, we are asking for parents to volunteer their time this week and/or over the weekend to help us get everything in great shape.

Specifically, we could really use help with:

·       Lawn mowing

·       Leaf blowing

·       Raking

·       Removing debris from the bushes

·       Edging

·       Planting flowers

If anyone happens to work with or know a professional landscaper and you wouldn’t mind sending them over to PAWS for help, that would be amazing, too!

You can signup to volunteer using the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0F4DA8AD2AA1FC1-paws6

You can also contact me, Rebecca, or Elizabeth using the following channels:

Julian Connors + Elizabeth Nelson
Email: paws@paws-pto.org

Rebecca Zieminski
Email: zieminskir@wellesleyps.org

Thank you all very much for your consideration and let me know if you have any questions!


Julian Connors
PTO President

A Message from the PAWS PTO President
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