Part 2: 2022-2023 PAWS Family Welcome Letter

Safety Guidelines for the Fall

  • The Wellesley Public Schools work closely with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and MA Department of Public Health in all aspects of health and safety. Any new guidelines that are provided to us will be used as needed. Important information will be shared with you before the start of school and ongoing throughout the year as news and information are updated.


PTO Members

  • Please join me in thanking our PTO Board members for their dedication and ongoing support for all students, staff, families and programming at P.A.W.S! The PTO work is invaluable to us and we are so grateful for their special partnership.
  • There are open positions on the PTO Board and I invite you to reach out if you would like to join and support the incredibly important work they do! There are several opportunities*, spaces, and places for you to lend a hand.
  • In order to be included in future PTO communications about special events, playdates in the park and other updates, be sure to click on the box in PowerSchool to share your email address and contact information with the PTO. We are looking forward to a great year!

President: Lexi Hall

Co-VPs: Lorraine Pocon Ramos & Shikha Warnick

Treasurer: Sukh Bajwa

Secretary: Ceida Chan 


Open Positions: (let us know if you’d like to lend a hand!)

  • Social Chair: 
  • 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Coordinator:
  • Room Parents (1-2 per class): 


P.A.W.S. Family Welcome Back Bulletin Board 

We invite our families to help us create a very special Welcome Back to P.A.W.S. Community Bulletin Board every year. 

  • We ask each family to please send in a photo of your family unit that we can post on the bulletin board and we ask you to help us spread a positive message to get the year off to a great start! 
  • We start the year by celebrating the amazing, rich, and wonderful diversity of the P.A.W.S. Community and we share the power of positive intentions and messages of welcome, caring, and kindness. 
  • We invite the children and their families to add a positive message of welcome or share an inspiring quote in English or in another language they know! It is always amazing to see the many languages and cultures represented by our families at P.A.W.S.! So far we have had 18 different languages spoken and represented by our families in one school year! I look forward to seeing how many we will have this year!

This should be a no stress activity. We hope this will be a fun way to start getting excited about coming to school, and a fun project to work on with your child. Please use the attached paw-print heart, found on the last page of this packet, and help your child decorate it, if he/she/they feels able, and find or take a picture of your family to share at school as well. 


Please add a message to your family’s heart that is either a message of welcome (written in English or in another language you know or speak) or share a favorite uplifting quote, or write a message that imparts something that brings your family joy! 


We look forward to your support as we help all students to start the year with happy, caring, and confident energy, while recognizing and building upon each other’s diverse strengths. Join us as we nurture joy, inquiry, and belonging in our work and in our learning this year for everyone at P.A.W.S.!


We are so excited to get the new school year started and we look forward to a joy-filled, positive and productive year with you and with your child! Your child’s classroom teacher will be sending you a welcome letter detailing all of the important information about your child’s classroom closer to the start of school. Enjoy the rest of your summer!  We can’t wait to see you at the Orientation/Visit Days and at the start of school!



‘Becca Z.

Rebecca Zieminski Director of Early Childhood

Please check your email for Part 3 of 3 – and the instructions for the Family Welcome Project you are invited to do with your child.


PAWS Welcome Letter – Part 2 of 3
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