Dear Bates Community,

Greetings on this a gem of a day!  It has been a spectacular week at Bates with all of our students back full-time.  As I shared at the PTO meeting last night, we are all thrilled to be together again and to sunset the remote learning mode that helped us through this past year.  Thank you for all of your steadfast support, as we couldn’t have done all that we have this year without you!  

I write to share a few updates and reminders:

  1. We’ve welcomed two new staff members to the Bates community.  Welcome to Nell Getz, grade 3 teaching assistant and Morgan Healey, grade 4 teaching assistant.  
  2. Below are the MCAS testing dates for students in grades 3-5.  This year’s MCAS test will include only one day of testing for each subject area per grade.  
  3. Please continue your strong participation in the viral testing for students in grades 3-5.  Remember to register your child’s kit each weekend and return samples on Monday morning.  Thank you.
  4. There will be no school during April vacation week:  Monday, April 19 – 23.  

MCAS Test dates

Tuesday, May 11    Grade 5 ELA MCAS

Thursday, May 13   Grade 4 ELA MCAS

Friday, May 14       Grade 3 ELA MCAS

Tuesday, May 25    Grade 5 Math MCAS

Thursday, May 27   Grade 4 Math MCAS

Friday, May 28       Grade 3 Math MCAS

Tuesday, June 1      Grade 5 Science MCAS

I wish you a beautiful weekend.  Also, Monday marks the start of Ramadan.  To our families observing Ramadan, I wish you joy and peace during this holy month.

Warm regards,​​​​​​​

Toni Jolley

Bates Buzz 4.9.21
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