Happy New Year!
I hope you and your family enjoyed the holiday break, however you celebrated. It was a long break, but as usual it went by very quickly at the Colannino household.
With the New Year came our first really, Artic blast of cold weather, and temperatures less than zero. Thankfully, throughout the building the heat system responded well. We did have a few minor heat issues that were addressed by the Town’s maintenance department.
One lingering issue is in the classroom where PAWS students are housed. Temperatures in this room did not get above 60 degrees on Thursday. This issue received quite a bit of attention, as it should. While the problem wasn’t fixed on Thursday, I did relocate the preschool room to our music space before the morning was over. Thanks to both our music teacher, Julie Verret and our classroom teachers for their flexibility in making sure our youngest students were warm.
With increased temperatures and some work from an outside heating company, the preschool room temperatures were close to 68 degrees by Friday. I will be monitoring this situation and working with PAWS director Rebecca Zieminski and the Superintendent’s office to make sure the heating system remains in good working order.
Speaking of cold weather, now is the time to start sending children to school dressed warmly in hats, gloves, jackets, boots and snow pants (when we have snow like Friday morning.) When students don’t have the necessary winter clothing, they may not participate in outside or snow play.
Tonight (Friday, January 9) is Fiske PTO Family Bingo Night at Babson College, 6 pm to 8 pm. Unfortunately, I have a prior commitment, and cannot make tonight’s fun event. I hear there is a guest number caller standing in for me.
Finally, the staff and I would like to thank all our Fiske parents for the generous Scrips gifts provided to us. You overwhelm us with your kindnesses throughout the school year, but especially at the holiday break.
Anthony Colannino
Fiske Community News 1/9/15
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