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Dear Families,

We certainly are  living in unprecedented times.  I was truly hopeful that we would be seeing each other sooner than later, but we have to keep our distance to stay  healthy. I want to thank families for their support over the last two weeks. In this time of change, it is certainly reassuring to have such a supportive community  surrounding us as we work through the daily challenges of the coronavirus epidemic.

While working from afar, we have to find new ways  to stay connected. Starting on Monday, March 23rd, I posted a video,  and repeated this again on Wednesday and Friday. I will continue this practice until we come back together.  These videos can be found on the WPS Remote Learning Website.  Please have your child/children take a look at these videos once they are posted.  I can assure you I will not be leaving for Hollywood any time soon but it is fun to make these for your children.  Teachers and specialists have been posting informative daily slides, videos and learning activities for your children to engage in throughout the day. 

As mentioned in the Superintendent’s letter today, WPS  in conjunction with the new Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) guidance, will be launching Remote Learning 2.0 in the near future. We are all working hard to get this up and running for our students so stay tuned…

Many families have taken advantage of the current remote learning activities.  As we move towards the next stage of remote learning, we want to make sure ALL of our families are accessing the materials.  If you are having trouble accessing the remote learning then please contact your teacher or me and we will support you. 

A Message from our School Nurse Betsy HIndmarsh

In viewing some students’ work this week we see that many families are going on walks.  The WPS Nurses Department created the attached newsletter on ticks. Please take a look to see how you can prevent getting a tick and what to do if you see one on you or a family member.

Tick Newsletter March 2020 (1).pdf 

A Message from our Fitness and Health Teacher Mrs. Gerst

Aloha Fiske!  We just wrapped up a very fun and exciting Yoga unit.  The focus of the unit was to teach students that there are many different ways to practice strength and stretching through YOGA poses and equipment. In addition to focusing on being present and finding our breath to reset us.  

The best part was the Hawaiian Open House. We were able to Island hop between 5-6 Hawaiian Islands (Yoga stations). We created Yoga sentences, practiced partner poses, used boards and balls to help with our balance. We even snuck in games of Twister!  This was a great opportunity to see families come into the gym and participate with their children Hawaiian style. 

I was able to take more of a backseat and watch all of the wonderful interactions between families and students bonding and being together.  I was able to catch a lot of tender moments between families. We had over 100 families come through. Thank you for coming into our classes and for getting into the Hawaiian spirit! Mahalo

Have a wonderful week and know that we are just an email away.  

Take care, Mrs. McGregor

Friday Fiske News 3/27/2020

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