Thanks to the many families who came to Back to School Night. As I shared in last week’s Community News, it’s so important for staff to share their expectations with students to set up a positive learning community from the first day of school. In the same way, it’s just as important that parents/guardians hear similar expectations from their child’s teacher so learning can be supported at home. If you didn’t have the opportunity to visit Fiske last night, I’m sure your child’s teacher will be able to share important information with you.
In my presentation on Wednesday night, which I will post on our web page, I went over some important school developments. These included our Growth Mindset professional development, our new Friday Morning Meeting format and the upcoming school renovations scheduled for the summers of 2015 and 2016. Of course, we had a little fun along the way. Thanks to my adult audience for bearing with me.
I’ve had a lot of discussions with parents, school administrators and school safety resource officer, Evan Rosenberg about our traffic, especially at dismissal. This includes car line, school buses, families walking into the neighborhood and parking along Madison Street and our lower parking lot. Simply stated we barely accommodate all the vehicles that come to school each day.
Before I get to my main concerns, let me first say, “thank you” to the vast majority of drivers during pick up that follow both the rules of the road and our procedures. Without most of you following along, car line would be even more challenging. For instance, keeping Hastings Street clear of parked cars has helped immensely.
Here are my greatest concerns:
  • Intersection of Sheridan and Hastings Streets and our driveway. I’ve watched for almost two weeks (while directing traffic and crossing students) and noticed that cars will fill this intersection at dismissal in the following way. One vehicle parked and waiting to enter our driveway on the right hand side, another traveling to the lower parking lot in the center of Hastings and another leaving school on the far left of Hastings. There is barely enough room for all three cars and this causes a blind spot for a handful of students and families trying to access this crosswalk safely. In addition, cars entering from Sheridan Street have a hard time entering the car line with two-way traffic on Hastings and Sheridan Streets.
  • The speed at which vehicles move on Hastings Street. I am not a police officer, but I would judge many vehicles moving beyond 20 miles per hour during school hours.
I have discussed enforcement with Officer Rosenberg, added another staff member to car line and have talked about possibility of changing traffic patterns with Dr. Lussier. I do believe more changes need to be made, but I will make them slowly with plenty of input. I welcome your ideas and suggestions.
The Wild West is this Saturday, 10-2 in Fiske’s backyard. It’s a great day, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces of our community, whether I’m getting knocked into the dunk tank or sharing the day with my son, Joseph.
Hope to see you on Saturday.
Anthony Colannino
Fiske Community News 9/17/14
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