Dear Fiske Families,

Thanks again to the Fiske PTO for providing of all of our students access to DreamBox Learning, an online, adaptive math program. We want to remind you of this resource and encourage you to build time for your child to use it at home.

Below is some updated information about accessing DreamBox at home. If you’ve already setup DreamBox on your home computer or iPad, there are new school codes and links to use.  

How to Access DreamBox

Access DreamBox on any computer or iPad with a high-speed Internet connection and Adobe Flash. Our new school code is: 4rts/q5j3 .  

To access on a computer:

  • Use this link:

  • Or go to the Wellesley Public School website, scroll down to Students & Families, and select Online Tools.

  • A note about Flash Player and your web browser: Firefox automatically supports Flash Player. If using Google Chrome, you may get an error message related to Flash Player. There is an easy fix for this. When the error message appears, click on the small lock next to the web address and the word “secure”. This should open up the Chrome settings. Choose “Always allow on this site”.

To access on an iPad:

  • Use this link: or search “DreamBox Math” in the App Store.

  • There are two apps for DreamBox- one is green and one is blue. Install both apps for your child to have access to all of the DreamBox content. Your child can log into either app and still access his/her current lessons.

If you have questions, you can visit You can also call DreamBox directly (877-451- 7845) or email their customer support at

Thank you,

Lisa Humphrey

Elementary Math Coach

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