I wanted to share some work our school psychologist, Lisa Goodman and our Speech and Language teacher Harriet Freedman have been doing with our kindergarten students:

On a weekly basis we (Ms. Goodman & Ms. Freedman) have joined Ms. Berkowitz and Ms. Czyryca to teach the kindergarteners the language of Social Thinking.  Using Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Curriculum and materials we have read stories and practiced the skills of being a social detective.  Throughout the year, we will be introducing and reinforcing play skills, turn taking and Whole Body Listening.  Ask your child what is means to listen with your eyes or listen with your ears.  We believe that teaching these skills to kindergarteners, in conjunction with Open Circle, will support the whole child and provide them with tools to help them succeed socially.

This year Caryn Berkowitz and Trisha Czyryca both attended training to support Social Thinking.  As a school we will continue to explore Social Thinking and use some of these practices in other grades.

Hardy Health Room Notes 

Sleep:  According to the National Sleep Foundation and the American Academy of Pediatricians, sleep deprivation continues to influence a school age child’s ability to concentrate in the classroom. Inadequate sleep can affect a child’s immune system causing your child to be more susceptible to becoming ill. Research continues to recommend that children aged 5- 10 years old receive 10-12 hours of sleep per night.

Lack of sleep has been linked to behavioral, social, and cognitive problems. Nightly relaxing routines help children settle down for bedtime. Watching T.V. or using computers close to bedtime have been associated with sleeping problems such as resistance to sleep, difficulty getting to sleep and even anxiety around sleeping.

Anytime you observe excessive snoring and/or interruption in the sleep patterns of your child, you should consult with your child’s pediatrician.

Hand Washing Classes:  Hand washing/cough etiquette classes are being taught in every class. Please continue to reinforce these important health lessons.

 Illnesses:  Please continue to call the absent line when your child will be absent. It is important to inform the school about why they are going to be out. If your child is sick please note what type of signs and symptoms they have such as a fever, nausea, vomiting, cold, cough, flu, etc. This information is important to help me track illnesses in the Hardy community.

 Carol Sullivan, Hardy School Nurse

Drop Off and Pick Up

I would like to remind everyone of the drop off and pick up procedures to make sure that the Hardy school and family community continue to be one where we all support one another, observe school practices and support a safe and friendly environment.

  1. Students cannot be dropped off or picked up in the school parking lot. This is potentially putting your children and/or other children in danger. The only time parents can drop off or pick up using the parking lot:
    · Coming to school after 8:35 or before 2:55. In those situation an adult must park and escort the child into the office to sign them in or out. 
  2. During school hours the Hardy Street is live parking only. No parking in the spaces facing the playground or parallel to the school. 
  3. Cars cannot pass another parked car during drop off or pick up unless the principal waves you around. Otherwise all cars need to follow the car in front of them.  If the principal is not there then cars cannot pass. 
  4. Parents do not need to get out of a car to assist a child. If you have a child that needs some assistance, email me and I will make sure that the staff outside know that your child needs assistance.  
  5. Always move as far forward in the line as possible. 
  6. If your child is late coming out move forward.
  7. Do not use the first turn around on Hardy Street- use the second.  This allows more cars to line up parallel to the school and speeds up the process. 

Thank you for your support!

Charlene Cook, Hardy Principal

Hello Hardy…October 10, 2014
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