Hello Hardy families:

The teachers are working on creating the class lists for next year; we spend a great deal of time making sure the classrooms are balanced. We take into consideration many factors including class size, boy/girl ratio, individual learning characteristics and social emotional considerations. This is a process that we take very seriously so that each child is in the best setting possible. While I did collect critical concerns from parents regarding their children for placement purposes I want to remind parents that we do not take request for individual teachers or specific classmates. The class lists will be mailed home the second week in August.

WPS works closely with the Wellesley Police Department to ensure that we know how to carry out a variety of safety drills. Last week the senior administrative staff of WPS participated in a pretty intense ALICE training. We will continue to collaborate with the Wellesley Police Department to practice and standardize our safety protocols and procedures across the ten school settings with all staff. Each year the police department presents safety drills and procedures with our faculty which includes ALICE training and drills. This work reflects the ongoing commitment Wellesley Public Schools has to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

One issue raised recently was that the schools do not have consistent visitor procedures; therefore, going forward, all schools will follow the same procedure for all visitors. When you buzz the door you will be expected to state your name and the purpose for your visit. We are doing this even if we recognize you so please don’t take it personally. We want to make sure that this is a consistent practice.

Please be sure to grab a visitor badge at the sign-in table. If you do not wear one you will be asked by staff to return to the office to sign in.

All doors are locked at 3:05, no one is allowed in the building unless it is a child here for an after school event or a parent with a scheduled after school parent/teacher meeting. Students and parents should not be entering the building to pick up books or homework. We all forget from time to time and our teachers are understanding (the students can create a unique homework assignment like helping their parents with the dishes, cooking or making a shopping list.)

If your child is in one of the many after school clubs offered through the Wellesley Recreation Department then you must wait outside until the class is over. Once the class is over the teacher will escort the students to the main entrance and let parents in at that time.

Please remember that the loop drive way in front of the school is used only for the bus. It should not be used for short term parking before school or as a drop off.

The 5th grade students will be visiting Wellesley Middle School on Friday, May 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Students will have lunch at the Middle School and will be asked a few days before the visit whether they will be having school lunch or bringing lunch from home. They will be able to use their school lunch accounts at the Middle School.

WINGS summer programming is open to all students who attend Wellesley Public Schools. WPS in conjunction with WINGS (through the Wellesley Recreation Department) have a partnership to create summer programming that is fun and engaging for all Wellesley families. Our goal is to create a mix of courses that will provide all students a balance of academic and enrichment opportunities during the summer.

The registration for Wings is now open. See the link below:


Thank you,

Charlene Cook

Hello Hardy Families
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