Hello Hardy families:
Math Night is just around the corner so be sure to add this exciting, fun-filled night of math to your calendar.  During Math Night parents will have an opportunity to interact with their child using math games that support the Investigation Math concepts. Teachers are available if needed to provide additional directions to the game or activity.  

Date:  November 15, 2017

Time:  Session 1:  6:00 to 6:25 p.m.

           Session 2:  6:35 to 7:00 p.m.

The structure of the evening has changed, this year parents and their children will visit grade level classrooms for one 30 minute session. There will be a total of two 30 minute sessions.  Both sessions are the same and the content/activity/game will be repeated. If you have children at different grade levels you will have the opportunity to visit both classrooms.  Childcare will be offered by 5th grade students/parents in the library all evening.  Please take advantage of supervision in the library so you can focus on grade level math sessions more completely.  
For example:  If you have a child in grade 1 and 4, your grade 4 student will relax in the library while you and your grade 1 student visit the grade 1 math games.  Then, in session 2,  your grade 1 student will be supervised in the library while you and your grade 4 child visit the grade 4 math night room.  
Family events at Hardy are a unique opportunity for each parent to engage with their child. Children are ever so eager to share what they are learning with their parents. To make this moment special, we respectfully ask that you refrain from using your mobile device as they create distractions for your child and the people around you. For any urgent use of your mobile device such as accepting incoming calls that are emergencies, please do so in the school office. Otherwise, we ask that you refrain from using your mobile device in any way (i.e. halls and classroom) whether it’s to take a peak at your email, make a quick call or to snap pictures. 
Charlene Cook, Principal
Hello Hardy Families
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