First and foremost, the mission of Sprague School is to enable all students to become committed, confident, and caring people who think and communicate about feelings, concepts and ideas of consequences. We do this through an educational program that extends the principles and values of the system’s other 6 elementary schools. Starting with a common curriculum that establishes learning goals for each grade in each subject, our faculty takes time to carve individual paths for the range of different learners within our school. Alongside of our academic goals, our expectations for building community have the following values at their core: Help, Effort, Appreciation, Respect, and Teamwork. Altogether, they are known as Sprague’s HEART values.

Because Sprague is the newest of Wellesley’s elementary schools, opening in September, 2002, we feel it’s important that students know its history and its architectural significance. The original Sprague School opened in 1924 and served the community through the 70s when it was closed. The new design preserved the original architectural themes and historical artifacts.

Parents play a key role in our school community. Beyond the role of fundraising and supportive volunteers, the Sprague faculty makes efforts to ensure that parents understand what is being learned, how the learning can be demonstrated on a continuum of levels, and why it is important. With that knowledge, parents have great confidence in our academic program.

Wellesley Public Schools has a long history of excellence in supporting the best in classroom practice through ongoing improvement. Sprague School is its newest link in a system with a clear vision of promoting learners for life.

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