How to Navigate the Who and What at the High School

For general concerns or questions, contact the WHS Main Office:
Phone: 781-446-6290 (main line) 

For PowerSchool or laptop concerns and questions, contact the WHS Technology Office:
WHS Technology: 781-446-6290 x4700 


Absences and/or Dismissals
Please report by student’s House

WHS Main Number 781-446-6290

Bradford House x1
Perrin House x2
Phillips House x3

Principal’s Office x5
Counseling Office & METCO x6
Athletics x7
Special Education x8
Nurses x9


If you are arriving late to school, please report by student’s House (see above)


Do not text or call student cell phones directly. 
Call 781-446-6290 or visit the main office. We will get the message to your child. 


For support or concerns specific to a class, please contact the teacher directly.

For support or concerns about grading specific to a class, please contact the teacher directly.

If concerns arise about general student progress in multiple classes, please contact the school counselor.

For support or concerns about subject-area content, please contact the department head or director of that discipline.

WHS Department Heads
Main Phone Line: 781-446-6290

Counseling: Ms. Margaret Walendin x4603
Special Ed: Mr. Greg Beaupre x4628
Social Studies: Mr. Mike Reidy x4631
Mathematics: Ms. Elisa Morris x4646
Science: Ms. Nora Wilkins x4257
English: Mr. John Finneron x4620
World Languages: Mr. Tim Eagan x4619

For a full listing of WPS curriculum leaders, please visit our website at


For information about schedules, please contact the school counselor.

WHS School Counseling website

Social & Emotional
For concerns related to daily or ongoing feelings at WHS, please contact the school counselor. 
Feelings can include:
Academic stress
Peer pressure
Social media

Course Selection
For information about current or future course selection, please see our WHS School Counseling website.


For behavioral concerns, please contact the teacher (if it is related to a class) or a WHS Assistant Principal.

For issues related to conduct on busses, contact a WHS Assistant Principal. If there is a general Boston transportation concern, contact the WPS METCO Office at 781-446-6290 x4609. 

For egregious acts, please fill out a Bullying Incident Form and contact a WHS Assistant Principal at 781-446-6290.

School Safety & Emergencies
For issues about physical and emotional safety, and/or emergencies that require immediate attention, please call:

WHS Main Office at 781-446-6290

WPS METCO Office at 781-446-6290 x4609

If urgent, call 9-1-1

Dr. Jamie Chisum, Principal / John Malone, Admin. Assistant x4607
Mr. Andrew Kelton, Assistant Principal / Andrea Ridge, Admin. Assistant x4647
Mr. Collin Shattuck, Assistant Principal / Brenda Iarossi, Admin. Assistant x4632
Ms. Sarah Matloff,, Assistant Principal / Amanda Avery, Admin. Assistant x4621
Ms. Stephanie Holland, METCO Director / Carla Lumley, Admin. Assistant x4609  

Assistant Principal and Counselor Assignments 2023-24


Assistant Principal:  Ms. Sarah MatloffHouse Assistant: Ms. Amanda Avery
Counselors:12th – 202411th – 202510th – 20269th – 2027
Marissa CoughlinA — CarpA — ChiuA — CapA–B
Jane BarrellCarr — FazChiz— DyCarp — EzC–Double
Margaret WalendinFb—FolDz— FitFa— FlDow-Forc

PERRIN HOUSE | THIRD FLOOR | 781-446-6290 x2

Assistant Principal:  Mr. Collin ShattuckHouse Assistant: Ms. Brenda Iarossi
Counselors:12th – 202411th – 202510th – 20269th – 2027
Kristi StoneFom — HilkFl— HhFo — HelFord— H
John SteereHill — LaqHi—LebHem—LaI— Mam
Julie TraskLar — MorLec—MilLe —MurMan —O


Assistant Principal:  Mr. Andrew KeltonHouse Assistant: Ms. Andrea Ridge
Counselors:12th – 202411th – 202510th – 20269th – 2027
Annis ChwalekMos — RezaMim — ReiMy— RoseP — Sha
Janet SozioRezab — VaRej —-TaRoss — TooShe— Tra
Diego ContrerasVelm— ZTb — ZTop — ZTro — Z

…For questions regarding Student Health Services: Call the Nurse’s Office 781-446-6290 x4503
… For questions about Athletics and Athletic Events: Call the Athletic Department at 781-446-6290 x4614

🖨️ Printable WHS Family Resource Guide 2023-24

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