Senior Project Advisors: Mrs. Gorman and Mr. J. Brown

The Senior Project is a program which enables qualified seniors to spend Term 4 working on a substantive project of their own choice on a partial or full time basis. Senior projects are designed to help the student explore a personal interest. Such exploration might include a possible career choice, a special talent, or a community service project.

Work on the projects must be completed in school or under the explicit supervision of an organization, such as The Appalachian Mountain Club, The New England Aquarium, Children’s Hospital, etc. Students may not work on their project at home, in the garage, etc. Project activities may not include paid work, or work for or be supervised by an immediate family member. Students must spend a minimum of 3 hours for a partial project and a minimum of 6 hours for a full project every school day working on their project. A proposal submitted for a tournament of any kind will not be considered a complete proposal amd will be denied unless 80% of the project is voluntee work at the source of donation.

Senior Project Committee

The Senior Project Committee is composed of administrators, faculty, parent, and a current senior. Mrs. Gorman and Mr. J. Brown co-advise this program. Administrators and teachers representing the disciplines attend presentations.

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