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Diana Katsikaris
Document: Full List of Clubs & ERPs with Virtual Meeting Links

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Activity Fees:

In order to help defray the cost of supporting after-school groups and clubs, the School Committee voted to assess an activity fee at the High School. The activity fee, which is $150.00 per student, per school year, allows a student to participate in all school clubs, activities, and events that are offered at the High School, other than athletics. This is a required fee for the high school official clubs, i.e. academic decathlon, climate action, computer science, debate, French, Spanish. Latin, GLOW, improv troupe, math, science teams, model united nations, moving company, photography club, literary magazine, robotics/botball, student congress, fall musical, class officers. Activities that are part of the Enrichment & Recreation Program (ERP) are offered for free.

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