Welcome to the Official Wellesley High School Football page.  We offer three levels; Varsity, JV, and Freshmen.  See below for announcements, important dates, coaches’ information, rosters and team schedules.

We are offering Football during the Fall season.  See our athletic home page for more information.

Football First Week (Fall 2023):

Friday (8/18): 8am-1pm (HS Gym)

Saturday (8/19): report to HS at 8am for bus to Camp Caribou

Sunday (8/20): Camp Caribou preseason camp

Monday (8/21): Camp Caribou preseason camp

Tuesday (8/22): Camp Caribou preseason camp

Wednesday (8/23): Camp Caribou preseason camp

*Remaining schedule to be given by Coaches*


Jesse Davis

Varsity & JV Football Coach Wellesley High Schoool

Varsity:  click the link to download the Varsity Football Roster Fall 2023

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