Hello Hardy families:

Just a reminder that the teachers will be showing the Emergency Drill slideshow tomorrow followed by time to talk with the students and take some questions. The focus is on making sure we are all prepared and that we practice a lot of drills to help keep us safe.  While I sent you the slideshow a couple of weeks ago I have attached it here for your reference.  I have also included a couple of links to articles that you may find helpful.  Since this is our first time running this type of safety drill across the district we are paying attention to and reflecting upon the process.  If you have a question about the practice drills please feel free to connect with me.  

Next steps for students:

  • All teachers will show the slideshow tomorrow.     Emergency drill slideshow 
  • We will have 2 practice drills.  The first is to walk the practice drill without the Wellesley Police.  The second is with the Wellesley Police and the students will run from the threshold of the exterior door to their drill spot.  



Charlene Cook, Principal

Hardy Elementary School

781-446-6270, ext.2301



Safety drill information from Ms. Cook
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