Dear Sprague Families,
The start of school is rapidly approaching! As you know, classes begin for students in grades 1-5 on Wednesday, August 27th.  The first day is a half day with a 12:00 dismissal. Our custodial staff is putting the finishing touches on the building and it will be sparkling clean for the first day of school.  There have been some improvements in the building this summer as well. It’s hard to miss the orange fencing and scaffolding on the old part of the building facing Oak Street. A new slate roof has been installed and work is being completed on the brick entry courtyard and granite steps. I have been told that the scaffoldings and fencing will be removed by the first day of school. It is likely the entry work will continue but not disrupt classes or block any emergency exits. Once it is done, landscaping touch ups can be done in that area. The green supports to our front entryway have been painted and new carpet has been installed in the library and main office. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful school!
You should have received an email with instructions for updating student information in the Parent Portal in PowerSchool. New families can create an account and returning families can update student information. This is the link:
I hope your child has had the chance to do some summer reading and complete the summer reading bingo card that was sent home in June. Please see the note below from Mrs. Mandel:
A reminder from the Sprague Library:
We are collecting digital photos of students (1st thru 5th) doing activities suggested on the WPS Bingo reading form. I am hoping to create a slideshow for the Fall Reading Assembly in September. Please send a photo to my new email address,
Happy Reading to All!
Ellen Mandel
Teachers have been here getting their classrooms ready for children to come on Wednesday. I have had the opportunity to meet with almost all of them and have been so struck by their warmth, intellect, dedication, enthusiasm, and love of children. I feel very fortunate to be here at Sprague and know we will have a great year together! I look forward to seeing many of you at the PTO coffee out front on the first day, August 27th! There will also be a second coffee on September 2nd, the first day for kindergartners. 
As a reminder, all WPS staff will have new email addresses with the following format: lastname first initial You can reference the arrival and departure procedures from our handbook at the end of this message.
Thank you for welcoming me to Sprague. I will see you all next week!
Warm regards,
Susan Snyder

Sprague School Arrival and Departure Procedure as cited in the Sprague School Handbook
The Complete School Handbook can be found at 

The following rules and regulations were developed to ensure the safety of the children and efficiency of procedures. Your cooperation is essential. Please exercise greater caution during winter months because of parking lot congestion and poor visibility due to snow banks.
A designated dismissal plan is completed for each student at the start of the school year. Staff members supervise students in the building as they travel to dismissal lines. Please wait for children in your designated dismissal area to be certain they will be able to locate you. Dismissal is in order of grade; K and 1, 2 and 3, 4 and 5. Any students not picked up on time will wait in the Office.  Staff will attempt to contact parents.
By Foot
Children who walk to school should be instructed by parents on pedestrian safety rules. Children younger than grade 3 should not walk alone. Children should only cross the street in designated crosswalks and with crossing guards whenever possible. They should never cross the street from between parked cars. Please discuss safety rules for walking to and from school regularly.
Pedestrian arrival and departure can use the Oak Street entrance. Please say goodbye to children before they enter the building. Staff members are available to assist children with belongings in lockers and to prepare for the day.

Kindergarten students are dismissed from their classroom doors by the swings. Parents should meet them there. All other students are dismissed from the side of the building facing the playground and fields. Parents should wait outside the building on the playground or in the picnic table area. Staff members will make certain students meet their families. 
By Bicycle
With parental permission, children in grades 3 through 5 may ride their bicycles to school. As recommended by the Wellesley Police, children younger than grade 3 may ride when accompanied by an adult. There are bike racks near the playground and field side of the building and by the Oak Street entrance. Bicycle locks should be used.
Riders must wear helmets in compliance with Massachusetts General Law c.85 s.11(b). Bicycles should be registered with the Wellesley Police Department. Bicycles should be walked and not ridden on school property.
By Auto
Car line, the drop-off and pick-up lane, is by the entrance to the School Office, next to the parking lot. The rotary turn-around circle is used only by buses during drop-off and pick-up. Do not park on or use Oak Street for drop-off and pick-up. 
Students should enter and exit cars in car line only in the areas designated by staff members on duty. Parents should not exit cars in car line. Staff members are available to help. Please park in the lot if it is necessary for the parent to get out. Please do not park in non-designated parking spots. Do not leave your car or park along the car line during drop-off and pick-up. Please wait for cars in front of you to begin driving before you exit the car line
Please do not have your child(ren) walk to or from the parking lot by themselves for drop-off or pick-up. The high level of traffic at these times is considerable and dangerous.
Morning drop-off between 8:15-8:30: You may drop off your child in the designated areas near the entrance to the School Office. Please do not drop off students near the playground or in the parking lot. It is important to keep the line moving at all times to expedite drop-offs and get students into school on time.
Afternoon pick-up at 3:04: Please make an identification card with the last name of the student(s) you are picking up to rest on your dashboard, easily visible from a distance. Personal identification must be available if requested, especially for those picking up children with changed dismissal plans.
Drive to the car line, moving forward as far as possible. MA law states cars may not idle more than five minutes. Do not block crosswalks connecting the fields to the parking lot. Children wait with staff members in the school gym. Staff members read identification cards, communicate via walkie-talkie, and escort students to cars and help with seat belts if needed. It is helpful if children are able to buckle seat belts. Students only enter cars when called by staff members, only from the curbside, and only in the designated pick-up area. Parents should not exit cars.
Remind car line students to go directly to the gym waiting area. If your child is not in the car line group, you will be asked to circle around again to keep the car line moving. Use of cell phones in a moving car line can delay the dismissal process. If you are late picking up your child, he or she will be taken to the office to wait for you.
If you are parking to escort your child at pick-up, please use the crosswalk nearest the fields to reach the parking lot. This will decrease the congestion near the crosswalk at the bus circle and expedite car line
In support of green initiatives and to alleviate traffic congestion, please consider walking to school, taking the bus, or forming carpools.
By Bus
Eligible students are contacted by the WPS Transportation Department for bus enrollment. Eligible students who use the bus will receive information by mail indicating local pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Bus routes for all students are also published in The Wellesley Townsman two weeks before school opens.
Due to insurance liability, children who are not regular bus riders, including play dates of bus children, are not allowed to ride the bus. Children are also not allowed to switch buses for play dates. Alternative pick-up arrangements must be made in these cases.
Bus eligible kindergartners may ride the morning and the 3:04 bus as well as a bus/van at noon dismissals. Kindergarten children must be met at their bus by a parent or designated adult. The bus driver will bring a child back to school if a parent/adult is not at the bus stop.
Sprague School Behavior Rules and the Bus Conduct Rules for Transportation apply on the bus. Sprague School Behavior Rules are forwarded to families at the beginning of the school year. Bus Rules are forwarded to bus participating families from the Transportation Department. Transportation privileges may be revoked if such action is necessary for the safety of other students.
Dismissal Changes
If your dismissal plans differ from normal, complete a Change in Dismissal Plan form for the day and send it to the classroom teacher. This written form is preferred to ensure changes are noted and processed timely. If the change occurs after your child is in school, you must call the office no later than 1:30 p.m. to ensure the teacher is informed in time for dismissal. Do not leave a voice or email for the teacher as it may not be received in time. Sprague School Change in Dismissal Plans forms are mailed to families at the start of school and are available from the Office.
Going to a friend’s house after school? For kindergarten and grades 1 to 2, notes should be sent both for the child who is going to another child’s home and from the child who is hosting that friend. For grades 3 to 5, only the child who is departing from his or her regular dismissal plan requires a note from the parent. Bus students must make alternative pick-up arrangements.

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