Dear Sprague Community, We are all so proud of our own first grade teacher, Lisa Mortarelli, who is running in the Boston Marathon as I write to you. Lisa ran in the Boston Marathon two years ago and was diverted just before the finish line. She never got to finish two years ago, so she is doing it this year! Go Lisa! I am attaching 2 documents today: one is a letter with information about the placement form (for 2015-2016) that is available to you. The other is the optional placement form. At this point in the school year, I am very confident that each teacher knows your children well and has ideas about good matches for placement for the next school year. That being said, we welcome your input as well. Please use the attached form and return it no later than May 8th.  Please remember that we will not accept requests for individual teachers. Many of you are aware that we have four sections of grade 4 this year and will need to have four sections of grade 5 for next year. Ms. Henzel will be the teacher moving up to teach 5th grade. When teachers move up to the next grade with their students and keep the same group of students, we call it ‘looping.’ This can have many benefits. Ms. Henzel’s current class will “loop” up to grade with her next year. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. See you next week! Dates to remember: April 20-24: School vacation week April 29: Walk to School Day April 29: Grade 5 to visit WMS April 30: Kindergarten Screening May 4,5: Grade 3 Math MCAS May 6: Career Day for Grade 5 (12:00-2:30) May 7, 8: Grade 5 Math MCAS May 8: Walk to School Day May 8: PTO meeting @ 9 a.m. May 11, 12: Grade 4 Math MCAS May 11: Grade 1 field trip to Drumlin Farm May 14, 15: Grade 5 Science MCAS

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Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–April 20, 2015
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