Dear Sprague Community, Thank you again for a wonderful year! We sent off our 5th graders in style with the annual “Clap Out” on Friday, with “We Are the Champions,” playing on the loudspeaker. We know they will do well in Middle School with the preparation they have received at Sprague! Before that, the annual Summer Reading Assembly took place at 9:00 a.m. This tradition at Sprague usually involves seeing a video to encourage students to read during the summer months. This time, Captain Book made an appearance in person. She was ‘down in the doldrums’ because her boat was in drydock and she wouldn’t be able to take a summer voyage. Luckily, some Sprague teachers popped up with suggestions about books that would make reading feel like a trip to Paris (Ms. Stabnick), New Orleans (Mr. Hagar-McKee), or the Midwest (Mrs. Drake—while also dancing the ‘running man” to “Life is a Highway.”) Mr. Craig suggested books about the stars, and Mrs. Fiore suggested some books on sea life. She even brought a giant lobster (Mrs. Bender) along with her. In the end, Mrs. Mandel’s assistant, Paperback Pete (Mr. Marder) agreed to be Captain Book’s first mate once the repairs are done on the boat. “Pete” agreed to read to Captain Book every day.  Captain Book’s assistant Scalliwag (Ms. Flitsch) was helping to haul to boat at every turn. All of the teachers, as well as Captain Book and I, hope that students will read some great books this summer! During this last week of school, we convened a “Mascot Congress,” to review selected persuasive writing pieces with suggestions for a Sprague Mascot. The High School has the Red Raiders, Hunnewell and Upham have the Eagle, Bates has the Penguin, and Schofield has the Hawk. Sprague did not have a mascot! The writing pieces were indeed, persuasive with many valid points in support of each suggestion. We categorized the suggested mascots and discussed and voted during the “Mascot Congress.” Each class sent one representative. Each representative took his or role seriously and knew that he or she was representing both boys and girls in the class. The Congress was charged with narrowing the field for the general election, which took place on Wednesday.  The four finalists on the ballot were: Spikey the Sprague Bulldog, the Orca, Isaac the Barn Owl, and the Sprague Elephant. The winner was announced on the last day of school. Drum roll…..the winner is Spikey the Sprague Bulldog. Among the persuasive reasons for each: Spikey is man’s best friend, his name starts with an ‘s’, he can be rough with enemies, but gentle, kind, and loving with friends, and he has a catchphrase: “Nothing to fear when Spikey is near.” The Orca works together in a pod like Sprague students and it is a powerful animal. Isaac the Barn Owl has a head shaped like a HEART to represent our values, lives in a family,( Sprague is like a huge family), and owls are strong and brave-like our school. Sprague Elephant has qualities of loyalty, strength, and intelligence, is tough and strong without being scary, and elephants stick together in a herd and care for each other like we do at Sprague.   I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable summer with your children.  Eat plenty of ice cream! I know I will.     

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Happy Summer
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