****REMINDER—No school tomorrow in observance of Yom Kippur***** Dear Sprague Community, It was so wonderful to see the HUGE turnout for the Ice Cream Social on Thursday evening. I just love seeing kids and families enjoying time together. Many thanks to our PTO and our extraordinary entertainment committee chairs, Andrea Scampini and Karen DeVito. What can be better than pizza and ice cream on a beautiful September evening? Another fall tradition at Sprague is the 5th grade Leadership Retreat. This year, the 5th grade class went to Morse’s Pond to participate in teambuilding activities to reinforce their role as leaders in our school community. They worked together to solve problems, communicate effectively with one another, appreciate each other’s strengths, and hopefully get to know some kids they may not have known before. It is the largest group in the school with 83 students! We could not have done it without our skilled parent volunteers: Aruna Reddy, Emily Webster, Jill Fischmann, Jo Okun, Kathy Johnson, Kendal Temple, Melissa Martin, Nandita Kapoor, Phyllis Theerman, Sarah Green, Sherry Shen, and Tanya Dupont! Many thanks to them for their time and efforts! Picture Day is coming soon…..September 29th to be exact! Your child will bring home a flyer soon with instructions on how you can order pictures. This fall, our PTO is sponsoring a new event, the Sprague Fall Festival for families. This event will take place on October 15 from 5-7 p.m. It will feature a Chili Cook Off, a live band, apple cider and cider donuts (my favorite), and a special craft. Look for a note to come home soon to order your scarecrow frame (for the special craft). Families can pre-order a wooden frame and make a scarecrow together at the Festival. Just bring some old clothes for your scarecrow and we will provide the frame, hay, and materials to decorate and create your scarecrow head. There is small fee for the scarecrow supplies and the cider/donuts. Proceeds will benefit the 5th grade class. Look for more information to come home soon. Parent-Teacher Conferences:
Parent-Teacher conference time will be here before you know it! Please be sure to sign up for a conference with your child’s teacher. We schedule two formal parent-teacher conferences each year and send home written progress reports two times each year. Teachers value your insights and are eager to share their insights with you as well. We know you are interested in hearing about your child’s strengths, challenges, and progress. Parent conference dates are listed below. Restaurant Night THE COTTAGE is THRILLED to kick off its Local Education Benefit Nights with Sprague!!
Join them for dinner anytime from 4pm – 10pm on Monday, September 28th, and they will donate 15% of their Food Sales for that evening to Sprague’s 5th GRADE!!!! No flyer needed…just yourself and your appetite! Thanks for supporting Sprague’s graduating class! From the Nurse:             When I call parents because their children are ill at school and require dismissal I often hear an apology. There’s no need to apologize, because no one can predict that someone may become sick. When your child has a good night’s sleep, eats breakfast and tolerates it well, and doesn’t have a fever or other objective signs of illness, then the child should come to school. Some mornings he/she may have nonspecific complaints of discomfort, but we all know these often resolve as the student participates in the daily routine. On the other hand, if your child was clearly ill the previous day or evening, required fever-reducing medicine in the preceding 24 hours, had interrupted sleep, vomiting or diarrhea, or is unable to eat breakfast, it is suitable to keep him/her home from school.             At school when a child visits the nurse, I make an assessment according to the specific complaint; for example, if a student complains of a sore throat I visualize the throat using a flashlight and palpate for enlarged tender neck glands. I listen to the quality of the voice, ask if he/she ate breakfast or snack, and check for a fever. I provide a drink of water and watch for signs of pain with swallowing. Often I am told if family members are sick with a similar complaint.             If the child does not have a fever or any objective signs of illness, I recommend a return to class. I suggest comfort measures, such as increasing fluids, telling the student, “Keep your throat wet today. Be sure to drink lots of water.” I ask what his/her after school plans are and if the child says he feels fine to go to soccer practice, I send him back to class, since he clearly is okay. Please be mindful that if I do make a call to you, your child has already been through this assessment process.             This is where I can use your help. If your child has a complaint in the morning before school, I appreciate a heads-up call with a message saying your child complained of a stomachache or headache (or whatever) in the morning, but seemed fine to come to school. Then I know to call you if your child comes to see me complaining of not feeling well at school. Otherwise, I would likely send your child back to class.             Sometimes a child is not feeling well but doesn’t have a fever or other easily measurable sign of illness. Obviously if I see a child four times in a morning or if the student is clearly unfit for the classroom, I will call a parent or designated caretaker.  As a parent myself, I know I would want to be informed if my child was having such a bad day.             This is another way you can help. It is essential that we have the correct phone numbers to reach a parent or designated caretaker. If you change your work, cell, or home number, or have a new babysitter, please be sure to let us know here at Sprague so we can keep your information current and reach you or your designee quickly.             Please call me if you have any questions.  Sharon   Please see the message and attachments below from Performing Arts Director Sabrina Quintana: Dear Parents of Wellesley Public Schools Students, Greetings!  My name is Dr. Sabrina Quintana and I am happy to join the Wellesley Public Schools Community as the new Director of Performing Arts. Its time to enroll your child in private music lessons through Wellesley Public Schools Performing Arts Department: Instrumental and Vocal Extension Program!   Your child will be bringing home information about the instruments.  Registration Night  for first-year, beginning instrumental students takes place on Thursday, September 24th, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Wellesley Middle School in theCafeteria.  Come meet the extension teaching staff, enroll and pay for private lessons, and rent or purchase an instrument.  (See the attached flyer and enrollment form for beginning students).  Beginner lessons last 30 minutes. Also, if you have a student who took lessons previously, you may fill out the attached Continuing Student Registration Form and enroll your child in lessons.  Intermediate students should enroll for a 45 minute lesson and advanced students should consider a 60 minute lesson.    Online Registration Instructions   Fill out a registration form (attached).   Go to www.wellesley.k12.ma.us   Scroll down to the bottom left and select the blue box “Online Fee Payment,” then “Performing Arts”   Select the instrument and duration of lessons.   Pay with credit card   Print credit card receipt and attach to registration form   Turn in or mail to the Performing Arts Office, 3rd floor of the middle school, 40 Kingsbury St, Wellesley, 02481, OR   If you are already scheduled for lessons with a specific private lesson teacher, you may hand-in the registration form and receipt to the teacher at the first scheduled lesson.   If online registration is not active, print application also found in this folder.  Pay with check or money order Fill out a registration form (attached).   Make checks or money order payable to Wellesley Public Schools   Turn in or mail to the Performing Arts Office, 3rd floor of the middle school, 40 Kingsbury St, Wellesley, 02481, OR   If you are already scheduled for lessons with a specific private lesson teacher, you may hand-in the registration form and receipt to the teacher at the first scheduled lesson. ​Dr. ​Sabrina Quintana, D.M.A. Director of Performing Arts   Dates to remember: 9/23 – No School/Yom Kippur 9/29 – School Picture Day—SMILE J 10/8 – Walk to School Day 10/12 – No School/Columbus Day 10/15 – Fall Festival/Scarecrow Making 10/21 – Conferences 10/28 – Conferences 11/3 (TUESDAY) Noon Dismissal – Conferences 11/4 – Conferences   instr 22015-2016 IVEP Continuing Student Registration Form.pdf  instr 2015-2016 IVEP Beginning Student RegistForm&InfoFlyer(revised).pdf 

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Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–Sept. 22, 2015
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