Dear Sprague Community,

It’s warm out there today! With this great weather, it is really important that students bring water bottles to school with them. We now have a REFILL station at the water bubbler on the first floor by the elevator alcove. Please send your child with a water bottle and remind him or her to take it to recess. It can be refilled on the way out or on the way back in before lunch.

You may have noticed some action in the Sprague Garden. We have a BIG project going on. Ms. Dienel’s son is completing an Eagle Scout project and has begun building raised beds for our Sprague Garden. He enlisted the help of fellow scouts, secured a discount for the materials, and presented the project to our PTO, who generously approved the funding of lumber and materials. Ms. Flitsch and Ms. Dienel are overseeing the project. We are very excited! Additionally, the Sprague Garden staff committee secured a WEF grant to look into curriculum connections for various grade levels using the garden as a learning site.

Ms. Stabnick returns from her maternity leave tomorrow, June 1st. We welcome her back and also sadly say goodbye to Ms. Holzapfel. Ms. H. has done a fantastic job in the art room this year. Many of you have sent notes of appreciation for her good work.

As we wind down, I’d like to remind you that each student will receive a copy of our yearbook on one of the last two days of school. This yearbook represents a huge amount of work on the part of our Yearbook Committee. It is also funded by our PTO through annual fundraising and the annual appeal to families. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful yearbook printed each year and must thank the committee and PTO leadership for its continued support.

Dates to remember:

June 1, 2, 3: Grade 5 trip to Hale Reservation (WED. is a full day for 5th graders on June 1)

June 7: Walk to School Day

June 7: Sprague Family Picnic @ 6:00 PM (come hear the band and bring your own dinner)

June 14: Field Day (raindate is June 16)

June 17: Kindergarten Show @ 2:00 PM

June 17: Grade 2 Concert at 8:50

June 20: Farewell Assembly for Grade 5

June 21: Last day of school/Clap Out @ 11:50/Dismissal @ 12:00

Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–May 31, 2016
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