Dear Sprague Community,

Thank you for another wonderful year at Sprague. We are truly lucky to be part of this strong and vibrant school community. I’d like to thank you for sharing your children with us and trusting us to provide a safe and caring learning environment.

Yesterday, we had a fun end of year assembly with the Field Day Slide Show, summer birthday recognitions, a replay of the 5th Grade Slide Show, recognition of teachers moving on to new roles and retiring, and TWO fun summer reading videos. One was a “best of” reel of past videos featuring Mrs. Mandel and her dance moves, while also encouraging summer reading! The other was a new teacher video following the theme started in “All Night Long,” where students wonder what teachers do when they don’t see them. This one focused on whether teachers read during the summer and what books they might recommend. It went with Justin Timberlake’s song, “Just Dance.” I have attached a link for your viewing pleasure!


On Monday, we had the traditional 5th Grade Farewell Assembly where our 5th graders pass down certain traditions to the 4th graders who will move up to be 5th graders next year. Traditions and responsibilities are passed down like: Newsboard, Hosting School Gatherings, Reading HEART awards over the loudspeaker, going to Hale Reservation, being in Chorus, and staying organized. The students receive certificates and a summer reading book for the Middle School. This year, they also received a poster of the portrait they made and gave to the school as a framed gift. With money they raised, they are also giving us Imagination Playground blocks to be used during recess next year. We end with a slideshow. Before the slideshow, I shared some quotes from some students. I had asked them to write how life can be like a circle because we used Andy Grammer’s song, “Keep Your Head Up,” in the slide show and quoted the lyrics…”always rainbows after rain, it’s a circle, circling around again.”  You will be amazed at the insightful responses. We work hard to help students develop critical thinking skills and strong communication skills. Here they are:

“Life is always changing and solely relies on karma and kindness. I like to think that kindness is more like a gift that can be shared: from one person to the next. People and their actions always come back to them, no matter how long it may take. Today, I learned that even the smallest actions can make a large difference, although it doesn’t seem like it at first. My time at Sprague will be never forgotten, along with all the of the kind things the people at Sprague have done for my family and myself. Kind actions will stay and relive themselves over the coarse of a lifetime, showing up when we least expect them to and retrieving memories we thought we forgot.”

“Life can be like a circle because things keep on changing in the world. And there can be new opportunities. Also because when you make new friends, there is no end, just like a circle.”

“Life is like a circle because when you do something nice to somebody, that will inspire them to do something nice to someone else. Then this will keep going until someone does something nice to you. This is how life can be like a circle.”

“A circle is a continuous shape. It can relate to your life because you give what you get. For example, if you are nice to someone, they will be nice back.”

“Because life repeats itself. In kindergarten, you are the youngest kid in the school. Inside 6th grade, your once again the youngest in the school. Then again in 9th grade you are the youngest. This can repeat itself in college and in your job. The same can be said for other things such as being in a big family. You are in a big family with your siblings and your parents. Then you are alone again when you get older. After that, you can possibly have a big family again. This is how life is like a circle.”

“I think life is like a circle because when you draw a circle, it doesn’t always go perfect. Like sometimes the line can go a different way than you wanted it to go. That is just like in life. Sometimes not everything goes your way and not everything is perfect.”

“Life can be like a circle because a circle goes around and around..its like you keep trying and never give up on your goals.”

“A circle never ends. It just keeps going around and around in an endless loop. Life is also like an endless loop of hope and kindness. Both are like a circle of life. Also planets circle around the sun and that provides all life on earth. Life is a circle. Literally!”

“I don’t think life is like a circle because in life it is not going to be a smooth rounded circle all the way through. I’m thinking life is like a line, not a straight line, sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth to represent that life isn’t always perfect and life doesn’t always travel straight.”
“Even when things get bad, things always loop around and get better.”

“If you fall, you get back up and if you fail, you try again. Life was made to make mistakes and the part that makes life like a circle is you should always try again. Just like a circle has no end, in the world there are endless possibilities and chances. That is my interpretations of how life is like a circle.”

“Life is like a circle because no circle is the same and no life is the same. Some circles look alike but really they have one little different thing about them. No one person is alike. We all look different, act different, and do a million different things different. One circle might be really big and one circle could be really small. ”

“Life is like a circle because it can come in any size like you can live for a long time or a short time. Your life can be big…you can go places and people know you and you can live in a small town and not a lot of people know you. But circle means one important thing to me and that is LOVE.”

The school circle continues too. We are rounding into the summer break and hope you all will relax, have fun, spend some time reading, and spend some time playing. Then, we will see you back here in late August as the school circle starts again with a new school year full of excitement and new promise…for a new beginning with familiar friends in our wonderful school!!! Have a great summer!

Here’s the video link ( I hope it works!):

Last weekly note from Ms. Snyder–June 22, 2016
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