Dear Sprague Community,

Our Concert featuring students in Grades 3 and 4 will take place tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. This was re-scheduled from last Friday. There will be another concert this week featuring the Grade 5 Chorus, the Band and the Orchestra this Friday at 2:15 PM.

Progress Reports will be sent home on Friday, February 3rd.

I’d like to remind parents that students should arrive to school on time each day. If your child is late, please be sure to bring him/her to the office. Any child arriving after 8:35 is considered late. Tardy arrivals present problems in the classroom as teachers send attendance and lunch counts to the office early each day and try to begin instruction as soon as they can to make the most of each day of learning. If your child will be late or absent from school, please call the office and let us know. Please include the reason for the absence or tardy arrival. We keep track of illness and also need to know whether a student needs to order school lunch. Those orders are sent to the kitchen early in the morning so meals can be prepared. Teachers are not always able to check emails or voice messages for information about tardiness. Additionally, our office will call the home of any student who is absent if we have not heard from you. This is part of our safe arrival procedure. Please be sure to call before 8:30 a.m. when possible. From time to time, our signals get crossed when a student arrives late and has already been marked absent. Please understand if you should ever get a call inquiring about an absence if your child has arrived late. It is never our intention to cause stress and if this happens, we will double check immediately. Thank you for your help and understanding.

We are still accepting registrations for after school enrichment classes through the Recreation Dept. website. Classes with very low enrollment may be subject to cancellation.

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Dates to remember:

Jan. 18: Grade 3 and 4 Concert rescheduled—9:00 a.m.

Jan. 23: Geography Bee Finals—Grades 4 and 5 class finalists in library at 10 AM

Jan. 23: School Council Meeting @ 3:15 PM

Feb. 1: Progress Reports sent home

March 3: A-Catemy Awards

March 7: Grade 5 vs. Faculty Basketball Game

March 17: Open House 8:00-9:30 a.m.

Please see updated MCAS schedule:


Grade 3 ELA: May 1, 2, 4

Grade 4 ELA: April 24, 25, 28

Grade 5 ELA: April 7, 10, 13

Make up for Gr. 4 CBT and Gr. 3, 5: TBD

Grade 3 Math: May 11, 12

Grade 4 Math: May 22, 23

Grade 5 Math: May 8, 9

Grade 5 Science: May 15, 16

Make ups for Math/Science: May 18, 19

Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–Jan. 17, 2017
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