Dear Sprague Community,

As we begin a new school year, I’d like to ask for your help in keeping our students safe during drop off and pick up times. We have two marked crosswalks on the property. One is front and center by our front walkway leading to the parking lot. The other is located at the entrance to the DPW yard and leads to a sidewalk that is useful for walking towards the Middle School.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we develop safe habits for our students and this means using the crosswalk whether they are with a parent or not. Please help us by using only the marked crosswalk to get to the parking lot.

We have consulted with the Wellesley Police Department and the DPW as well as the Facilities Department in Wellesley in an effort to make our school arrival and dismissal safer for all. They have recommended that we renew our efforts to communicate safe areas for crossing. They may make additional recommendations as the year progresses.

The safest way to drop off or pick up at school is to use car line. This procedure allows students to wait in the gym until a teacher calls for them when the car pulls into the car line. Students can enter or exit from the passenger side of the vehicle safely. One caveat…students MUST be able to buckle their own seatbelt or carseat independently as drivers are not allowed to exit vehicles in the car line area.

Parents may also park in our lot and walk their children to and from the car. Again, we ask that you use only marked crosswalks and park in marked parking spaces. Please DO NOT park along the edge of a parking island or block other cars.

We plan to have new signs marking the safe crosswalks and cones to remind students they cannot cross by the playground entrance or along that part of the driveway. Staff will be on duty to remind folks of this procedure. Please communicate this message to anyone you may send to drop off or pick up your children as well.

I am attaching 2 site maps for your convenience. You can zoom in on one to see it more clearly.

site map with crosswalk.png

sprague crosswalk-for parents.docx

Thank you for your help in keeping our school site safe for students.

Sprague Crosswalk Safety
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