Dear Sprague Community—May 1, 2018

This week, I am writing with information about the student placement process for the 2018-2019 school year.  Teams of teachers will work to create classes that are heterogeneous and as balanced as possible.

Your child’s teacher will work with the other members of the grade level team to create effective instructional groups.  They will take into consideration many factors, such as class size, boy/girl ratio, social relationships that work well in the classroom environment, individual learning characteristics and parent input.  It is a process that we take very seriously and we work to make the best placement for each child.

    As part of this process, we welcome your input.  If you wish, you may complete the Placement Information Form by Tuesday, May 8th.  Late forms may not be considered. This year, the format is a Google Form. (See link below.) Your comments should include specific information related to your child’s academic priorities and any social-emotional considerations.  If you choose to submit one, your Placement Information Form will be reviewed by your child’s current teacher.  Please do not request an individual teacher, as we are unable to honor requests for specific teachers and or classmates.  Also, please remind us of any concerns that you may have raised in past years. 


As we begin the final stretch, I want to again thank you for being part of the Sprague community. It is truly a special place. Thank you for supporting our efforts at Sprague.


From the Green Team:

Idling Information:

When you’re waiting in car line, before it starts moving, please turn your car off to limit hazardous pollutant emission and reduce asthma attacks. 

Keep in mind:

  • 2 minutes of idling uses as much fuel as traveling 1 mile
  • 3 pounds of pollution per month are generated by every vehicle dropping off and picking up kids at one school
  • Children still have developing respiratory systems and breathe 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults
  • 5 minutes is the legal idling limit in Massachusetts

Thanks for your help improving public health and protecting the environment! Follow this link for further information on idling.


Dates to remember:

May 4: Kindergarten Screening

May 7-11: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7, 8: Grade 4 Math MCAS

May 10: PTO Meeting at 9:00 AM

May 10, 11: Grade 5 Math MCAS

May 11: Walk to School Day

May 14, 15: Grade 3 Math MCAS

May 16, 18: Grade 5 Science MCAS

June 12: Field Day (raindate is June 14)

June 19: Grade 5 Celebration at 9:00 AM

June 20: Last day of school—Grade 5 Clap Out at 11:50 AM



Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–May 1, 2018
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