Dear Sprague Families,

I hope everyone is well!

As always, great things are happening at Sprague!

When communicating, my goal is to reach as many Sprague families as I possibly can.  Since the start of the school year, I have been including my weekly communication in the Pulse.  These communications have consisted of various narratives sharing what has been happening inside the building, upcoming events, dates, etc.  From this day forward, I will continue to include a narrative in the Pulse that will provide you with a glimpse inside of Sprague School.  Beginning now, I will also send a weekly/bi-weekly email, in bullet format, that will provide more pertinent information regarding dates, etc. Let’s begin here!

Data Collection

  • Collecting data is important as it helps make informed decisions  

  • I encourage you to complete the following survey so the data collected can be used to make those decisions

Halloween Parade

  • Thursday, October 31st

  • 8:45 am to 9:15 am

  • All are welcome to join!

  • Sprague staff and students will parade the outside of the building to display costumes

  • Students are encouraged to wear their costume to school or bring it with them and they can change into it inside – please provide a change of clothes for after the parade 

  • This is a voluntary event for all!

  • If inclement weather, the parade will be moved indoors and an early email will be sent with details


Walk-to-School Day

  • Tuesday, November 5th

  • 8:15 am – 8:30 am


Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule:

  • Tuesday, November 6th –      dismissal at 12:00 for students

  • Wednesday, November 7th – dismissal at 12:00 for students

  • Wednesday, November 13th – dismissal at 12:00 for students


Veterans Day

  • Calling all Veterans! – grandfathers, grandmothers, parents, aunts, uncles, friends

  • Friday, November 15th a Veterans Day Sprague Assembly hosted by the grade 5 students

  • 9:00 am – 9:30 am approximately

  • All families are welcome to join!

  • If you have a Veteran as part of your family and he/she is available to join us and be honored, please email me directly at



Please visit in order to join the weekly PTO Pulse. 


Thank you for your continued support!  




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