Dear Sprague,

I hope everyone is well!

Due to the weather forecast for tomorrow morning, we have officially decided to hold the annual Sprague Halloween Parade inside tomorrow morning.  With the parade now being inside, please see below for the details:

  • Thursday, October 31st – Halloween Parade
  • The parade will be INSIDE the building
  • Approximately an 8:45 am start time

All families are welcome to join us inside the building!  If you are able to join, the following are the specifics for families:

  • Please enter the building through the gym doors on the side of the building near the staircase
  • I will be happy to greet you at these doors beginning at 8:25 am
  • Families will gather in the gym as the gym will be a part of the inside parade route
  • There will be cones set up in the gym for your reference, but please gather around the perimeter of the gym
  • Once the parade is complete, please exit from the side gym doors
  • Each grade level will parade the building one grade level at a time with the gym as a part of the route

Happy Halloween!



Halloween Parade – Inside Due to Rain
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