Hello Sprague,

I believe firmly in silver linings for any and all situations.  This situation is a unique and uncharted one, but this does not mean that silver linings do not exist.  In between finding new ways of learning, I encourage students/families to spend some time each day to identify that day’s silver lining.  I have asked the Sprague staff to do the same.  If you do not mind, I will share my silver linings from today.  I promise I will not share my identified silver linings with you each day, but please know that each day I will be identifying these linings for myself.

Today’s silver linings:

1.  I had some extra sleep time this morning before meeting Wellesley colleagues.  I love my sleep!

2.  I had extra time out of my work clothes.  I love comfy clothes!

3.  I was able to chat casually with my mom midday today!  When does that ever get to happen?!

4.  I received a handful of pictures/videos from Sprague students/families demonstrating their new ways of learning.  What a treat!  Please keep these coming.

Similar to Friday, I had the pleasure of collaborating with my talented Wellesley colleagues today.  During this collaboration, we happily worked/continuing to work to address all topics related to this unprecedented time.  This is and will continue to be a work-in-progress, but I will say all conversations are with our students/families in mind.  Additional details are unfolding and will be shared soon.  

I can add being grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding to my list of silver linings above.  Please consider it one because it truly is!

Sweet dreams, Sprague!  I will be back in touch.



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