Dear Sprague,

Hello.  All of Sprague sends you our best always.

Maintaining connections between school staff and students remains paramount to our remote learning efforts. Thus, beginning next week through June 16th, each family will be offered the opportunity to check-in individually with their child(ren)’s classroom teacher. Check-ins will last approximately 15 minutes and may happen via videoconference and/or telephone calls. The teacher-family check-ins are opportunities to talk about students’ social, emotional, and/or academic wellness. Check-ins also serve as an end-of-year communication allowing teachers and parents to wrap up the school year and attend to any critical next steps in service of students.

Your child(ren)’s classroom teacher(s) will develop his/her schedule for these planned check-ins. 

Please note the purpose of these check-ins are stated above – a focus on students’ social, emotional, and/or academic wellness.  I respectfully ask that these check-ins are not used to discuss student placement for the next school year.  Placement is in the beginning stages, and I will contact parents regarding that process.  Your understanding and respect of this request is greatly appreciated.   

Your continued support and collaboration for the sake of the students is always recognized and appreciated.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Thank you,


Spring 2020 Parent/Teacher Check-Ins
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