Dear Sprague,

My apologies for another email, but I realized I accidentally omitted some important pieces of information.

No School – Monday June 20th

  • In honor of the new federal holiday – Juneteenth – there will be no school on Monday, June 20th
  • School will resume on Tuesday, June 21st as the last day of school with dismissal at 12:00 pm

Thank You PTO and School Council

  • Thank you to the many PTO Board members that worked to ensure the school year was successful in various ways!
  • Thank you to Deb Buhler, Sneha Patel, Liz Sower, Moe Lally, Adrian Wong, Katie and Mark Sullivan along with the many others that facilitated committees, planned, and executed many topics!
  • Thank you to Jenny Lee, Ezra Englebardt, and Moe Lally for their support and guidance as part of the Sprague School Council!
  • Sprague is one lucky place!

Standards-Based Report Card (SBRCs) Access

  • Tuesday, June 21st at 12:00 pm, SBRCs will be available for all students through the Powerschool Parent Portal
  • Please review the document attached on how to access the SBRCs
  • SBRC End of Year Letter to Parents 6_22.pdf 

Happy summer weekend to all!



Additional Updates
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