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The Day of Play:

Hardy will participate in The Day of Play on Wednesday, October 19th from 9-11:45. The Day of Play provides student with opportunities to engage in creative, collaborative, hands-on activities and projects. As they engage in these projects they are developing skills in critical thinking, communication and collaboration. These have been identified as essential 21st century skills. Engaging our students in a Day of Play will involve all of the 4 Cs and Hardy is looking forward to the Fall Day of Play. Grade level teams will be sharing information relative to specific information for your child’s classroom.

Drive Safely:

Please remember to come to a complete stop before you turn onto or exit Hardy Road. It only takes a few seconds to come to a full stop and look both ways before you proceed. A few seconds is worth guaranteeing the safety of our students and community.

K-5 Buddy Program:

The K-5 Buddy Program is up and running and both the kindergarten and grade 5 students are thrilled. During their shared recess many of them play together and the grade 5 students are taking their roles as models very serious by showing them kindness and care.

Student Cell Phones:

I noticed that the Insiders’ Guide to Hardy (aka Student Handbook) did not mention anything about the use of student cell phones in school. I apologize for missing that. I can attribute that to your child’s appropriate use of cell phones over the years. There is a need to include these guidelines so please review them below and note that they are also in the handbook.

Student cell phone guidelines:

  • Cell phones must be turned off and remain in the backpack the entire time students are on school property during the school day. Students may remove their phones from the backpack once they are off school grounds after school is over.

If a cell phone is taken out of the backpack during the school day:

  • First time- The principal will hold the cell phone for the rest of the day and the student will pick it up in the office. Parents will be notified.
  • Second time- The principal will hold the cell phone for the rest of the day and the parent will be asked to pick it up at their convenience.
  • Third time- The principal will hold the cell phone for the rest of the day and meet with the parents to develop a plan.


The grade 5 teachers posted this article in their newsletter about mindfulness. It provides parents with some tips to use to incorporate mindfulness techniques with their children.


9th Annual Candy Drive:

Hardy will participate in the Wellesley Dental Group’s 9th Annual Community Candy Drive to benefit the US troops serving overseas. From November 1st to November 9th, we will be collecting candy, along with handwritten notes and cards for our soldiers. The goal is to teach our students lessons in giving by encouraging them to share their ​extra Halloween candy with our troops. The sweet treats and the handwritten cards are a little reminder of home for our troops, and a message of support just in time for Veterans Day. The packages will be sent via CarePacks, a non-profit organization, along with oral hygiene supplies.

End of the Day Walker Pick Up:

To support safety for our walkers and our car pick up students we have moved the location of where parents stand to pick up thier children after school if they are a walker. Please pick up your walker student on the grass area outside of the gym. We want to keep the area by the car pick up clear.

Thank you,

Charlene Cook

Hello Hardy Families
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