Hello Hardy Families:

Believe it or not it is MCAS time. This year our students will be taking what is being called the next generation MCAS or MCAS 2.0. It has questions from both MCAS and PARCC. Over the next couple of years all of our testing will be completed on line. This year our grade 4 students will be using their iPads. The tests will not be timed. I have attached a two pager from DESE that provides some general Q & A that I thought might be helpful to parents. If you have any questions regarding the testing please give me a call. The testing schedule is below. MCAS – What Parents Should Know

2017 MCAS schedule:

English Language Arts, ELA:

grade 3 April 6, 10, 11

grade 4 April 24, 25, 28

grade 5 April 6, 10, 11


grade 3 May 16 and 18

grade 4 May 22 and 23

grade 5 May 16 and 18


grade 5 May 24 and 25

Parent Book Group:

We will be reading the book “Born on Third Base” by Chuck Collins for our next Hardy Parent Book Group. The World of Wellesley held its annual MLK breakfast and Chuck Collins was the keynote speaker – his presentation was very impressive. This time Lisa Goodman and I are going to hold our book group during the morning, shortly after arrival. Date to be scheduled end of February. More information to come…..

Student handbook:

Every year I review the student handbook which is called the Insiders Guide to Hardy with the hopes of improving it for our Hardy families. You can find the link to the Insiders Guide to Hardy on the front page of our website. I am always open to your ideas and feedback so if you have a chance and notice something that should be added or adjusted let me know.


This article speaks to how well Massachusetts students perform academically nationally and internationally. Massachusetts Students

We will be discussing the topic of school safety and security as one of our items at our next PTO meeting. I wanted to share some information with parents on this topic before our meeting.

Each school has a committee that meets together to review all of the safety practices and procedures existing in the school. Hardy calls that group the CARE Team, which is made up of our school psychologist, three teachers, secretary, nurse, custodian and principal. Since I have been at the school we have reviewed and rewritten many of our safety procedures with guidance and direction from the police and fire departments. Some procedures such as the fire drill are practiced with the students and in this case, with the fire department. Others are practiced and reviewed at faculty meetings or other times without the students even being aware. I am a believer in practice and in being prepared so we make it a point to make sure everyone is clear and has a solid understanding of the many ways we keep our students safe.

The next Hardy General PTO meeting will occur on Tuesday, January 24th from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM in the library.

The agenda is as follows:

  • School Safety & Security – Officer Evan Rosenberg
  • Budget
  • Principal’s update
  • Auction
  • Upcoming events (Skating Party, Science Night…)
  • Central Council update
  • HHU update
  • CAS update
  • Community Service update
  • Members at large update
  • Ways and means update

Officer Rosenberg will review the safety and security protocols and procedures that are in place for the Wellesley Public Schools. He will also discuss the security enhancements that will be made to each school starting next summer.


Charlene Cook

Hello Hardy Families
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