Happy Summer!

I am getting settled in at Sprague and very happy to be here!
You can expect to receive your child’s class assignment along with a class list during the week of August 4th. Just prior to that, you should receive a mailing with information that is coordinated by our wonderful PTO parent, Jean Walsh. This mailing will include forms to return and some to keep for your records. Please be sure to read the documents enclosed in the mailing carefully. New this year will be option to complete some forms online when you log in to Power School to update your child’s demographic information. You will have the option of completing the ‘sign off’ pages acknowledging receipt of the school handbook, school rules, and acceptable use of technology within the portal. You will still need to fill out forms for dismissal, CORI, and parents living separately if that applies. You will have the option of returning the paper sign off sheet if you prefer. You are also asked to log in to another site, which can be accessed via the Sprague PTO site, to provide your information should you wish to be included in the Sprague School directory.  The cover letter in the mailing will let you know when you may access the parent portal in Power School  and  also when the school directory site will be available for updating. We thank you for your help in completing these items. (We know you are not supposed to have homework over the summer!) We do, however, hope your children are still having the opportunity to do some fun summer reading. Research indicates that summer reading loss  is real and can significantly impact how students begin their school year. However, if they keep reading, they will take up right where they left off in June!

While I am learning the ropes here in Wellesley, I am able to meet with many other new and veteran people in the central office. I hope to meet with many teachers as well. You may or may not be aware that the central office administration in the Wellesley Public Schools has re-organized. With the retirements of Assistant Superintendent Sal Petralia and Director of Student Services Linda Waters, we welcome some new faces.  Dean Blase will take on her new role as the Assistant Superintendent in charge of teaching and learning. Gail McCracken is the new Human Resource director and Lori Cimeno is the new Director of Student Services.  I look forward to participating in the Leadership Retreat with Dr. Lussier and the leadership team in late July.

Please feel free to stop by and say hello or email me at snyders@wellesleyps.org. Please note that all Wellesley Public School employees have new email addresses that end as mine does. The old email addresses will still work during a transition period, but you will be able to reach all staff using the formula: last name with first initial@welleselyps.org. Enjoy this wonderful weather with your families! August 27th will be here before you know it!
Warm regards,
Susan Snyder
Sprague School Principal

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Happy Summer
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