Dear Sprague Community, A fellow principal shared an email with me on Friday about World Kindness Day, which happened to be Friday, November 13th. The site asked people to think about random acts of kindness they might be able to do for others. I shared the information about World Kindness Day with Sprague students over the loudspeaker that morning. Sadly, it was the same day as the attacks in Paris. As educators, we share parents’ hope to inspire the next generation to be thoughtful, informed leaders who will work towards a more peaceful world for all. The reality is we are living in today’s world and sometimes need to help our children understand things we cannot understand ourselves as adults. It is a struggle to decide what and how much to tell children at home when a tragedy strikes. Those decisions are best left to parents who know their children and also know what kind of news, information, or opinions they have been exposed to. At Sprague, we will not be bringing up these events in school. If a child does bring it up, we will try to find a private place and staff member to help him or her process whatever concern they may have. We plan to participate in a Day of Play on December 16th. Bates School students participated in such an event last year and have invited other Wellesley elementary schools to join them. On this day, students will have the opportunity to make creations out of recycled materials. Their imaginations will be their limit! Our event will be a week later than Bates’ due to the Sprague Cookie Walk on December 10th. The Day of Play was inspired by a boy named Caine who made an arcade of boxes and recyclable materials. You can view a video about Caine’s arcade here: We are giving you advance notice of our Day of Play because we hope you will begin to collect boxes, paper tubes, clean bottles, yogurt cups, egg cartons, and bubble wrap for kids to use to create their own projects. The list of suggestions is not extensive and you may think of other great things to send in. Please be sure whatever you send is clean and dry. We will begin collecting these items on December 4th. Please do not send in any items before that day, as we will not be able to store them for too long. Thanks for your help! Gentle Reminder: Please be sure to park in a marked spot in our parking lot if you are dropping off or picking up. Please do not park at the end of the islands where there are No Parking signs. Thank you for your help in keeping our lot accessible and safe for students. I know it can be frustrating when it is crowded. Dates to remember: November 20: Concert featuring students in grade 1 and grade 3 (Parents invited) November 26, 27: Thanksgiving Break—No school November 30: Teacher Professional Day—No school December 3: Most Likely to Succeed Documentary at WMS (Location could change…we will let you know) December 4: Walk to School Day December 10: Cookie Walk (begins at 3 PM) December 16: Day of Play

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Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–November 17, 2015
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