Dear Sprague Community,

Some parents have asked about Mr. Hagar-McKee and I had been reluctant to share any personal health information. I asked him to write a note to our students with information he wanted to share with children, as they have also asked about how he is doing and when he may be back. As you know, he will be out for the remainder of the year. Below you can see part of the note he sent for your children. I read it to students over the loudspeaker last Friday.

Dear Sprague School,

Thanks for asking about me – it means a lot to know that you care! I miss you every day.

The reason I haven’t been able to come to school is because of a thing called vertigo. Basically what that means is I always feel like I just got off the tire swing. (And no, I wasn’t playing on the tire swing after school when you weren’t looking.) The doctors who are helping me tell me it will go away, and it will take time. The good news is that it is a little better now than when it first started.

The vertigo makes me kind of wobbly. So I spend my day doing things that aren’t too wobbly:

– patting the cats

– reading large print e-books

– eating a cookie

I think of you every day and miss your voices. Are you remembering to start your sound with air? I hope so! Posture is Power!


Mr. Hagar-McKee

From the PTO:

IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!!! Trite, perhaps…but true. We need you. If you would like to volunteer for PTO next year in any capacity…once, once a week or once a month, we have something for you.
Every little bit of effort helps. Please reach out to incoming President Jill Fischmann atjill.fischmann if you would like to participate either on the Board or in any one of the activities listed on the link below:!about1/c1420
Many thanks for you time and consideration…your kids will appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Spring Events:

The Sprague Family Picnic is a “bring your own dinner” type of picnic. It is a chance to relax, play outdoors, and enjoy the company of other families in our school community. This year, we will have a band! The band will be made up of Sprague parents who normally play in other bands, but who are joining forces for our benefit. Since they have not played together before, THEY NEED A NAME! So, we are having a contest to see which student comes up with the best name for this band. Entry forms will be sent home with your child and we will have a box in the office. Please consider attending this fun and casual evening event from 6:00-7:30 outside.

Field Day is a great day to volunteer! If you like to play games outdoors, this is the day for you! Ms. Flitsch will be looking for volunteers soon.

The Clap Out is Sprague’s way of bidding farewell to our 5th graders on the last day of school. Students from all grades line the halls and clap for them as they take one last lap around the school. It is a day when many parents come early to join in too. It will take place at 11:50 on the last day of school.

Dates to remember:

May 19, 20: Grade 4 Math MCAS testing

May 20: PTO Spring Party

May 27: Grade 5 Concert featuring band, chorus, and orchestra @ 8:50 a.m.

June 1, 2, 3: Grade 5 trip to Hale Reservation

June 7: Sprague Family Picnic

June 14: Field Day (raindate of June 16)

June 20: Grade 5 Farewell Assembly @ 9:00 a.m.

June 21: Last day of school—12:00 dismissal; 11:50 Clap Out

Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–May 17, 2016
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