Dear Sprague Community,

Happy 2018! It has been a shorter than expected week back at school after the winter break. The snow and cold have taken their toll and we look forward to a more normal school week next week. That said, the very cold weather prompts some reminders for both students and parents. We will go outdoors to play if the temperature and the windchill are above 20 degrees. Right now, that sounds warm, but it really is not. It is important for students to have warm winter clothes and snow gear if they are to play in the snow. Students without a warm coat, snow pants, boots, a hat, and mittens/gloves will not be allowed to play in the snow. If they have a warm coat, hat and gloves, but no snow pants or boots, they will be allowed to go out (temperature and weather permitting) but won’t be allowed to play on the field.  Please also remind your child that they may not throw snow or ice when playing outside at school. (It was so cold on Tuesday and Wednesday that students did not play outdoors at all.) Thank you.

I have to give a BIG shout out to the Wellesley Facilities Crew and our own custodians, Scott Grady, Rob Carter, and Luigi Gigliotti. It was no small feat to keep the heat going in all the schools and Sprague in particular, with this extreme cold weather. They worked tirelessly over the winter break to be sure Sprague was warm and comfortable for all the staff and students when we returned on Tuesday.

We have a Band/Orchestra/Grade 5 Chorus concert next week. Due to some scheduling difficulties, it will be on a WEDNESDAY morning at 11 AM. We know this is not ideal and we hope parents of performing students can come.

Krisann Miller is the nurse substitute who be filling for the remaining time Mrs. Kahn will be out. All of Mrs. Kahn’s emails are being forwarded to Linda Corridan, the district head nurse. She will pass along information to Ms. Miller. Mrs. Falb will continue to be our Friday nurse each week.

The Annual Sprague Geography Bee will feature 2 finalists from each of the 4th and 5th grade classes. All 4th and 5th graders participated in classroom level Bees. The finalists will face off in the library on Jan. 22 at 9 AM. Many thanks to Ms. Henzel for organizing the Bee and to Ms. Heckman for assisting.

Dates to remember:

Jan. 10: Winter Concert at 11AM—note this is a Wednesday event due to shared band with Hunnewell

Jan. 15: No school—MLK day

Jan. 22: Geography Bee in the library at 9 AM

Jan. 29: School Council at 3:15 PM

March 23: Open House at Sprague from 8:00-9:30 AM


  • Please send in snow gear. Your child must have snow pants, boots, a warm coat, a hat, and mitten/gloves in order to play in the snow. If the temperature is above 20 degrees with the wind chill we will be playing outside.
  • Carline—All drivers MUST stay in the driver’s seat inside the vehicle when using carline for drop off and pick up. Please do not get out of the car. It is also wise to allow at least 10 extra minutes for drop off and pick up given the winter weather. There are many more families using carline this time of year.
  • Parking—Our lot will seem even smaller with snowbanks and the visibility will be more limited. Please DO NOT PARK at the end of an island. This blocks the traffic flow under any conditions. It is an unsafe practice and we ask that all drivers find marked spaces or use carline.


Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–Jan. 5, 2018
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