Dear Sprague Community,

We’d like to have a Patriot’s/Sports Spirit Day tomorrow—Friday, Jan. 19th. Go Pats!

Students are invited to wear Pat’s gear, red, white or blue clothes, or any sports team gear of their choice.


Students in grades 3-5 will take the Next Generation MCAS test this spring. Students in these grades will take 2 sessions of an ELA (reading and writing) test and 2 sessions of a Math test. Students in grade 5 will also take 2 sessions of a Science test. The 4th and 5th grade MCAS tests will be administered online in a computer based format. Students will use their ipads and keyboards to take the test. This online format for grades 4 and 5 is required by the state this year. 3rd graders will take a paper based MCAS test this year. Next year, all 3 grades will take MCAS online. Please see the MCAS testing schedule below. If you have a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader, please make every effort for your child to attend school on testing days. Please do not schedule vacations during the testing window. We appreciate your support.


Last week, we had a lively discussion at the PTO meeting about safety concerns in our parking lot at drop off and pick up time. I realize that I write about parking lot procedures often, but do feel the need to review some important points. Staff members who have crosswalk and sidewalk duties have also expressed some concerns. If you drop off in our carline, PLEASE let your children out of the car next to curb BETWEEN the entrance to the playground and the front door ONLY. Do not have children exit vehicles next to the crosswalk in the parking lot to avoid the carline and save time. It is not safe and it makes it hard for all those other drivers who are following the rules. PLEASE DO NOT park in the Auction Winner’s spot unless you are the Auction Winner. That sounds obvious, but I think some drivers may not see that sign and may not realize where they are parking. It is next to the crosswalk in the parking lot. PLEASE be careful of staff members. Believe it or not, I have reports from staff of feeling fearful that a driver may not see them and feeling like cars are passing very close to them. Thank you for your help


Dates to remember:

Jan. 19: Patriot’s/Sports Spirit Day

Jan. 22: Geography Bee Final in the Library at 9:00 AM

Jan. 22: An evening with Ken Kay for community members

Jan. 29: School Council meeting at 3:15

Jan. 31: Kindergarten Roundup in the Sprague Library from 3-6 PM

Feb. 19-23: School Vacation Week

March 3: Kindergarten Roundup in the Sprague Library from 9am-12pm

March 23: Open House 8-9:30 AM

Grade 5 basketball game vs. faculty has been moved (from April 10) to TH March 15 at 4PM.

MCAS Schedule 2018

Sprague School


ELA- 2 sessions

Math- 2 sessions

Science – 2 sessions (grade 5 only)


April 2, 5: Grade 4 ELA

April 9, 10: Grade 5 ELA

April 12, 13: Grade 3 ELA

May 7, 8: Grade 4 Math

May 10, 11: Grade 5 Math

May 14, 15: Grade 3 Math

May 17, 18: Grade 5 Science






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Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–Jan. 18, 2018
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