Dear Sprague Community,

Patriot’s Spirit Day

Friday marks the beginning of February. Students and staff are invited to show their New England Patriot pride on Friday! Students can also wear anything red, white, or blue or their favorite team gear or Sprague gear. Let’s go Pats!

Written Progress Reports

You will receive your child’s written progress report on Friday, Feb. 1st. Please look for it when you child comes home. As you look over the report, you will notice indicators for social/personal growth and work ethic: R-Rarely, S-Sometimes, U-Usually, C-Consistently. You will also see indicators for academic effort and academic performance. The indicators for effort are: N-needs improvement, I-Inconsistent effort, C-Consistent effort. The indicators for performance are numbers: 1-Introductory understanding, 2-Developing understanding, 3-Working understanding, 4-Advanced understanding. You may see a N/A in a box for a skill that hasn’t yet been taught at this point in the school year. Please keep in mind that the grade level learning goals are end of the year goals and children are being evaluated with that in mind. Expect to see 2’s on your child’s progress report. A ‘2’ means that your child is developing an understanding of the goal but may still need teacher guidance or more practice. This is very common at this point in the school year. A ‘2’ does not mean your child is below grade level. A ‘3’ often indicates that your child can work independently in this area.

Kindergarten Roundup

If you know of any families with children eligible for kindergarten for the 2019-2020 school year, please let them know that registration is taking place next week! The first is on Wednesday, Feb. 5 from 3-6 PM in the Sprague library. If a weekday afternoon is not convenient for some families, we also offer a second date on Saturday, March 2ndfrom 9 AM-12 PM also in the Sprague library. Children do not need to attend, but may. WPS requires a birth certificate, proof of residency, and the most recent health records, including a record of immunizations. Information and a printable registration packet can be found at

This week we welcomed 3 student teachers to Sprague. Ms. Novio is placed in KGM and will also student teach in 1KL later in the semester. Ms. Taylor is working in 3JL and Ms. Prosek is working in 3KF. 


A few reminders from the Sprague Nurse’s office:


Flu season is underway.  Please read the attachedFlu Guide for Parents

It’s not too late to protect yourself from the FLU.  There is plenty of FLU vaccine available in MA.  

Thank you for calling the absentee line when your child is absent.  Please consider leaving the reason on the absentee line or letting me know directly if your child has tested (+) for the FLU, has strep, another specific viral illness, the stomach bug, conjunctivitis, etc.  This will help me keep track of the illnesses we are seeing here at Sprague and may assist with prevention measures.    A student must be fever free without fever reducing medication for 24 hours to return to school. Please use the following  School Attendance Guidelines as a reference. 

Please remember Lice can happen any time during the school year.  Transmission can happen at home, in school, or in the community.  Please routinely check your child’s head 1-2x/week and to always be on the lookout for excessive scratching.  Reminding your children not to share items (hats, helmets, brushes, pillows etc), to avoid direct head to head contact, and to wear their hair up will help in preventing the spread.  

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019


Mrs Babicz

School Nurse

781-263-1969 x 2502


Dates to remember:

Feb. 1: Patriot’s Spirit Day!

Feb. 1: Progress Reports sent home with students

Feb. 5: Walk to School Day

Feb. 6: Kindergarten Roundup #1 from 3-6 PM in Sprague library

Feb. 7: PTO Meeting at 9:00 AM

Feb. 18-22: February Vacation Week

March 2: Kindergarten Roundup #2 9 AM-12 PM in the Sprague library


Weekly note from Ms. Snyder–January 31, 2019
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