A few reminders from the Sprague Nurse’s office:


I’ve already begun working on the required vision and hearing screenings and hope to complete all grades by next week.  I will send home a written letter to you if I notice anything that requires follow up. The required height and weight screening  for first and fourth grade will take place in January. For this, no letters are sent home, these values are for statistical purposes for the MA DPH.   Postural screening for the 5th grade will take place in March. More information for postural screening will be provided towards the end of February.  

Physical Exams:

To 4th grade families –   please send in an updated physical for your student if you have not already done so. 


Flu season is approaching.  Please read the attached Flu Guide for Parents

Please read how to protect yourself from the FLU.  


Thank you for calling the absentee line when your child is absent.  Please consider leaving the reason on the absentee line or letting me know directly if your child has tested (+) for the FLU, has strep, another specific viral illness, the stomach bug, conjunctivitis, etc.  This will help me keep track of the illnesses we are seeing here at Sprague and may assist with prevention measures. A student must be fever free without fever reducing medication for 24 hours to return to school. Please use the following  School Attendance Guidelines  as a reference. 


Please remember that Lice can happen any time during the school year.  Transmission can happen at home, in school, or in the community. Please routinely check your child’s head 1-2x/week and to always be on the lookout for excessive scratching.  Reminding your children not to share items (hats, helmets, brushes, pillows etc), to avoid direct head to head contact, and to wear their hair up will help in preventing the spread.  

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

Mrs. Babicz

School Nurse


508-263-1969 x 2502

Important Information from the Nurse’s Office
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