Dear Sprague,

Hello.  You all are missed and loved.

On behalf of Sprague, I would like to wish you a happy holiday.  Enjoy old traditions celebrated in a new way. Enjoy each other in whichever way that can happen. 

Remote Learning 2.0

Another week of what were once new routines are most likely regular routines at this point.  As WPS has unveiled the Remote Learning 2.0, I encourage you to experience the components of and always reach out with any questions.  Next week we will continue to share new pre-recorded lessons and engage in whole class virtual meetings while slowly phasing-in small group instruction.  

The Sprague staff are doing a phenomenal job taking their craft to the virtual airwaves.  I continue to be proud of the staff that are finding structure in the “messy” while continuing to be energized by the challenge.  That same level of pride also exists for our students for their quick adaptation and to families for supporting learning in ways we never could have imagined while finding the joy of being with their child(ren) at home.

Reading Challenge

I am so excited that students and families are enjoying some newly introduced book titles and are sending in their thoughts on what the suggested book’s message is.  It warms my heart!

As this week comes to an end, there is one more book title that I would like to suggest in order to identify this week’s theme.  As we continue to be courageous all day every day (last week’s theme), I would like to add a layer to our courageous spirits. In addition to being courageous, what else is important to remember?

Reading Challenge Video April 10.2020

A Message from Scott Marder, Sprague School Psychologist

Message from School Psychologist.April2020.pdf 

April Vacation

  • A decision is still pending through School Committee action

  • The next School Committee meeting is scheduled for early next week

Thought of Dog:  gooooob morning. i would already like a hug


With love,



Updates April 10, 2020
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