Dear Sprague,

For our Sprague families that celebrate Ramadan, wishing you all and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday.  Please enjoy the traditions of the holiday and the loved ones you celebrate with.

Wellesley Public Schools (WPS) is pleased to announce that beginning on May 4, 2020, all PreK-2 students, teachers, and families across the district will utilize Seesaw as part of the remote learning model. (Some PreK-2 students, teachers, and families have been introduced to Seesaw and are using it already.) WPS is excited to expand this virtual learning platform to our entire PreK-2 WPS community. 

  • To learn more about Seesaw, click here

  • On Monday afternoon, April 27th, you will receive an email from the WPS Technology Department which will include additional information about:

    • using Seesaw on your home device

    • downloading the Seesaw Class App and/or using Seesaw on a computer.

    • entering your child’s Home Learning Code when logging in to Seesaw

  • Next week, WPS will offer four opportunities for parents and guardians to learn more about Seesaw. You can register for a one-hour session using the links below: 

Using Seesaw will engage our youngest learners by allowing them to complete remote learning activities in developmentally appropriate ways with greater independence. Additionally, this tool will reduce the need for printed materials and allow efficient ways for teachers to collect and view student work. We look forward to supporting students and families as we launch this virtual learning platform that will enhance teaching, learning, and student engagement while WPS remains closed.

Please contact me with any questions.








Grades K-2 Seesaw Learning Platform
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