Dear Sprague Families, 

Morning to all.  As we each work from home and have the news easily accessible, we are continuously reminded of the racial injustice and the foolish and unnecessary loss of life that continues to occur.

Please join me as I send love and deep thoughts to the family/friends of George Floyd.  Simultaneously, please join me in reflecting on our core values as a district/school and as individuals.  As educators, we always look for additional ways to teach, support, and engage our students in various learning opportunities and new ways to guide and support each.  As this week unfolds for you, as families, and for our students, my thoughts are with you as you process these events and my thoughts are with our students that may feel the need to process with their classroom teachers.  I appreciate everyone’s sensitivity to this matter and please know that as students feel the need to ask questions and seek guidance, Sprague will continue to be a safe space for your child(ren)/our students.

If there is anything that is needed during this challenging time in our nation, please remember that I am also a safe space.

Thinking of you all and thank you.



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