Morning Announcements for Friday, June 16

​​​​​​​TODAY IS DAY 6

TEAM WMS – Today is your Scavenger Hunt day in Boston! Remember to take your lunch with you along with hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Use of your

cell phone is permitted today as long as it is not a distraction, and teachers have the right to confiscate your phone for inappropriate use.

All students will ride on the bus with your homeroom teacher. Be respectful of others and the environment that you are in. Enjoy Boston!

TEAM RAIDERS – Artist Day in Gym A during Periods 6 & 7.

* Ms. Sullivan’s Period 3 & 4 Drama classes will meet in room 307 today.

* Don’t forget to pick up your fantastic art work that has been left in the art rooms from last semester and from the Library show from students of all

three grades! Please pick it up from your art teacher today. Art work can not be kept in the school over the summer.

* Any 8th grade math textbooks should be returned to your teacher asap.

* LOST & FOUND items in the cafeteria – there is still a lot of clothing, water bottles and lunch bags on the lost & found tables in the cafeteria. Please check the

items today at lunch to see if anything belongs to you.

* iPads: Grades 6 & 7: Today is the last day of the school year to bring in your iPads. All school owned iPads will be returned today. No iPads are to be used on

Monday and Tuesday.

Grade 8: 8th graders who are not on the trip today will return to their homerooms after the Artist Project/Locker clean out to receive their released iPads. iPads are

to go home today and not brought in Monday and Tuesday.

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