Wellesley Middle School After School Activities 2016-17

WMS Activity Clubs are offered:

  • To further support the academic, social, and emotional needs of children in extension of their school day.
  • To meet student interests in areas other than those emphasized during the school day.
  • To provide an opportunity for teachers to share a special talent or skill they have with students, aside from what they typically focus on during the school day.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, WMS is offering a variety of different clubs and activities.  Activity clubs are organized to address interests in culture, technology, the arts, community service and health/fitness.  Activity clubs typically meet once a week from October through May.  The activity club advisor will confirm specific dates during the club’s first meeting.  Students are encouraged to participate in multiple clubs throughout the year.

In order to participate in the after school activities, students must present an activity card.

These cards can be purchased on line through the WMS Website.  Go to the WMS website, then to fee payment and then to MS/HS activity fees. The cost of the card is $150.00.

We look forward to your active participation and hope you enjoy the activities.

WMS After School Activities 2016-17

Art Journal Club

Advisor:  Ms. Schiess (Room 304B)

Mondays:  2:35-3:20pm

In Art Journal Club we will use writing, collage, drawing, and painting to explore emotions and life experiences.  There will be prompts and free work.  Each page of the journal will be a mixed media exploration of a theme.  You will need a spiral bound black journal.


Best Buddies

Advisors:  Ms. Egan & Ms. Venditto (Faculty Dining Room)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm, twice a month

Best Buddies is a fun, friendship club.  We focus on supporting social opportunities and peer based friendships for all students.  Some of our activities include: team building games, ice cream/pizza parties, karaoke, Ping-Pong, arts & crafts, and movies.  Through the Best Buddies organization our chapter members have the opportunity to attend sporting events including Celtics & Providence Bruins games, Tom Brady flag football game and the Milton 5K Gobbler race.  Join the inclusion revolution!


Chinese Culture Club

Advisor:  Ms. Zhou (Room 249)

Thursdays:  2:35-3:20pm, twice a month and more frequently in January and February in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebration for all of WMS.

The Chinese Culture Club is organized to explore Chinese Culture through various activities such as calligraphy with ink and brush, cooking, origami, watercolor painting, table tennis, badminton, and movies.  We will also help prepare and organize our WMS Chinese New Year celebration.  You do not need to speak Chinese to participate.


Community Service Club

Advisors: Ms. Lee and Ms. Derian (Room 103)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm  (twice a month)

Do you enjoy helping others?  Do you want to make a difference at WMS and beyond?  Come create positive change at the Community Service Club!  Our club will organize community service projects such as Cradles to Crayon to raise awareness, funds, and/or materials for important causes.  All are welcome and encouraged to help out.


Diversity Discussion Group (DDG)

Advisors:  Mr. Chute & Mr. Craft (Room 234)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

The goals of the student- led Diversity Discussion Group are to engage in activities and discussions related to issues involving race, cultural differences and tolerance in Wellesley, the U.S. and beyond.  Students will learn more about themselves, their individual perspectives and the range of attitudes and ideas that make our country an awesome and gigantic melting pot of ideas!  Join DDG and let your voice be heard!


Fashion Design Club

Advisor:  Ms. Steinberg (Room 300)

Thursdays:  2:35-3:20pm

Join the Fashion Design Club!  We will create original designs and 3-dimensional designs.  If you have a love of interesting and exciting fashion and a desire to learn more about the roots of fashion design then this is the club for you.


French Newsletter Club

Advisor:  Madame Ridker (Room 251)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

This club is open to all students, whether or not you are taking French.  We will write newsletters to distribute about France and Francophone (French-speaking) countries.  The articles and activities will be written in French and English.  Come join us!


Improv Club

Advisor:  Ms. Cohen (Room 325)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

Do you like making people laugh?  Are you a natural comedian or would you like to work on your comic timing?  Then, the Improv Club is for you.  Improv stands for improvisational comedy.  In Improv Club we will play a lot of silly theater games in order to build comedic skills.  Join Improv!  Laughter guaranteed!



Advisor:  Mr. Johnson  (Room varies depending on activity selected)

Monday-Thursday:  2:35-3:20pm

Join us for a variety of fun sports.


The Locker

Advisor:  Mr. Stanmyer (Room 231)

Tuesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

“The Locker” is the WMS student newspaper.  We will write news, fiction, and activities and publish an issue of the paper each term.  We will meet once a week after school for an hour.


Math Team

Advisor:  Mr. Bogage (Room 308)

Thursdays:  2:35-3:20pm

From October through February, we will spend time preparing for the Math Counts competition in Boston.  Club members can compete individually or as a group against other schools.  This is a great club to challenge your mathematical thinking and stretch your mind by working on difficult problem-solving questions.  This year we will also be competing in the IMLEM Competition Series.


Robotics Club

Advisor:  Mr. Kelly (Room 244)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

The Robotics Club is a place for students to explore the concepts behind robotic devices using Lego parts.  It is an opportunity for students to learn or further develop programming and/or mechanical design skills using Legos.  Eighth Grade students that are taking the Robotics elective can use this time to work on their projects, if necessary.


Robotics Club for Girls

Advisor:  Mr. Cummings (Room 244)

Thursdays:  2:35-3:20pm

Robotics is not just for guys!  Join the girls only Robotics Club.  Make some new friends and actually make a robot.  The robot parts are made by Legos and can be programmed and built into anything your heart and mind can dream up.

Rock Band Club

Advisor:  Mr. Crowe (Room 210)

Fridays:  2:30-3:30pm

Bring your instrument and get ready to rock and roll. We will play, write songs and maybe even form a band.


SEW Electric Computer Club

Advisor:  Mr. Wagner (Room 244)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

Sew-electric! It’s so cool.  This is an introduction to the world of electronic fabrics.  In this club you will work on drawing, sewing, making electric circuits, and programming computers.  You don’t want to miss this experience.


Science Olympiad

Advisor: Ms. Longley-Cook (Room 101)

Tuesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

As science to an “Olympic” degree, the 23 events of Science Olympiad range from Bottle Rocket to Wheeler Vehicle.  Reach for the Stars to Anatomy, Crime Busters to Experimental Design. Two optional practices will be on Saturdays.  The State meet will be March 5, 2017.


Sound and Light/Stage Crew

Advisor:  Mr. Praino (Auditorium)

Tuesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

This club will work as the crew for upcoming middle school shows.  Crews include lights, sound, stage manager, costumes, props, and others as needed. Expect to meet additional dates and times during tech and production weeks if you choose to join a crew for that show.


GSA (Gay and Straight Alliance)

Advisors:  Ms. Bennett (351) and Mr. Craig

Tuesdays during all 3 lunches

We strive to create an inclusive environment at WMS for all, especially Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Allied students.  We also aim to educate the community about issues facing GLBTQ+.


Video Game & Card Club

Advisor:  Ms. Sharpe (Room 241)

Tuesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

If you like portable video games, strategic card games like Magic:  The Gathering or Yu-gi-oh or Scrabble then this is a great club for you.  With parent permission, participants can bring Nintendo DS or other game systems to play games with peers. Please note that school computers are not available for use for games.


Voices (The WMS Speech Team)

Advisor:  Mr. Chute (Room 234)

Tuesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

Voices will concentrate on performance speech this year.  Students will be thrilled to learn about the amazing world of performance speech.  Not only will students gain confidence in their public speaking skills, but they will become more confident individuals as they discover and celebrate the meaning behind their voices. One does not have to be a good speaker to join.  Join voices and learn the power of your voice!


WMS Community Chorus

Advisor:  Ms. Connors (Room 400)

Tuesdays:  October-December

Singers learn holiday music from various cultures and perform for various events in the Wellesley Community.


WMS Chorus Lab

Advisor:  Ms. Connors (Room 400)

Tuesdays:  March-June

Singers and instrumentalists will work together to arrange songs of their choice.



Advisors:  Dr. Peltier (Room 311) & Ms. Marquedant (Room 319)

Wednesdays:  2:35-3:20pm

Join the Yearbook Club to be involved in the creation of the 2016-2017 WMS Yearbook.  We are looking for students who enjoy taking photos and creating pages.  Students from all grades are welcome and access to a camera or a phone with a camera is helpful but not necessary.