2020-2021 Clubs and Activities

The Wellesley Middle School does not discriminate or limit access for any activities on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.


Until further notice, there will be no in-person clubs to start the school year. When available, WMS is proud to offer a variety of after school clubs and activities for students to join. Club and activity offerings change from year to year, but some may include the Yearbook, the Math Club, the Drama Club, and many others of varying interests so that all students may find something to enjoy.  An Activities Fair is held every year in September after school. The date will be announced over the public address system so that students may attend. During the fair, there is a station for all club offerings for the current school year. The club advisors are usually present to greet students and give them more information about the club.  Students sign up during the fair and are given a list of meeting times and places for the clubs. An activities fee of $150 per year is required for all students to participate in clubs and all other after-school activities.  An activities card is issued in the main office and must be presented to the club or activities advisor in order to participate in the club/activity. Please be advised that there are no after school activities on days when faculty meetings are scheduled.  If you need assistance with the activity fee, please contact the guidance counselor or the principal.

Interscholastic Sports

Pending safety protocol restrictions, students in Grade 8 are eligible for interscholastic sports.  Those sports are cross-country, football, volleyball, wrestling, field hockey, soccer, basketball, track & field, baseball, and softball. Grade 6 and 7 students can participate in cross-country and track & field.  Students must be in school in order to practice or play in a game. Extenuating circumstances will be handled by the coach and administration on an individual basis. Students excused from fitness and health class for medical reasons cannot participate in a team practice or games for the duration of their absence from Fitness and Health.

Middle School Intramural Program

Until further notice, there will be no intramural sports to start the school year. When available, the intramural program is designed to involve as many students as possible in a variety of activities and sports.  We encourage students of all abilities, skills, and interests to take advantage of the intramural program.  Students are not required to sign up in advance and can participate based on their personal after school schedule.  There are varying sports and activities offered for intramurals. Some include football, swing dance, hip hop, tennis, indoor soccer and many others. A fencing program is offered and requires a registration process due to the limited number of students per instructor and specialized equipment. The intramural program is offered Monday – Thursday from 2:30-3:30PM. An activities card is required to participate in the intramural program.

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